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A leak somewhere in the system.

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Q: What would cause a plumbing line to not hold pressure?
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How many pounds of pressure should a plumbing system hold under HUD guide lines How long should this pressure be held?


How many pounds of pressure should a plumbing system hold and for how long?

Most standard domestic plumbing systems in north America will hold 125 psi, however most operate at anywhere from 35 -85 in daily use.

Why does your well pressure tank make a whistle sound when the water is running?

There is an air fitting on the tank, where you can check the pressure on the one side of the diaphragm. Hold you hand over it and see if the air is leaking out here. If air is leaking out here, you need to get a tire valve tool and tighten the pin. If the diaphragm was bad, the tank would completely fill with water and this should not cause that sound. There is a pressure switch, and the plumbing lines, but if there where to whistle, you would see water leaking out.

What can cause water pressure to slowly drop after the main water valve is shut off and no faucets drip or visable leaks?

With no air in the system anywhere, there would be nothing to hold pressure, so the slightest leak would cause the system to go to zero.

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The fuel pressure regulator is bad, one or more fuel injectors is leaking or the check valve in the fuel pump is faulty.

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If the pressure cap on the surge tank is left loose, defective or will not hold pressure.

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