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I every instance that I have experienced this same "clicking" noise that you describe, it has been a "CV joint" or constant velosity joint which is at the drive axle pivot point at your right front wheel. If I am correct, this noise you are hearing points to a replacement of the joint. In the future you might (when on a hoist) check both of the rubber "boots" on both axles that house these joints by inspecting them for wear, this joint is heavily greased and protected by this rubber boot and should not be ripped or torn. If the rubber is damaged it will not be long before the absence of grease, including the effects of sand and dirt completely destroy a CV joint. I agree with the answer above, however, will add that I recently had new tires put on my 04 Navigator and "suddenly" developed a clicking noise from the drivers side front tire. It turned out to be my brake dust cover that was BENT at the tire shop. I removed it and the sound is gone. If you have dust covers on check that as well.

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