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Hey Greg==Ther e can be a coulple of causes. one, the turn signal switch or the lights don't have a good ground. Check it out. GoodluckJoe

Thank you for the reply Joe.

I pulled the flasher relay apart and the Mazda has two relays and a circuit board inside. Both relays appeared to work fine, but no right side signal lights. I squeezed the circuit board together and ...voila,signals. I am thinking it is a crack in the circuit board of the flasher. Even though the flasher is $80.00 Canadian, at least it isn't the wiring.

Thanks Again Greg

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Q: What would cause a right signal light not to work on the front and rear even in the hazard mode?
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How does the hazard light circuit work?

signal light

Where is the relay fuse for the signal light hazard light interior light located 1998 Grand Marquis they all are not working?

The signal light hazard is not working because of an electrical fault. Call an electrician to fix this.

How do you fix a turn signal when the hazard lights blink left turn signal blinks but when using right turn signal it just stays solid.?

It means that a light bulb is out on the side where the light solid (not blinking) it could be in the front or rear of the vehicle.

How do you change the turn signal module on a 2004 Impala?

The turn signal module is combined with the hazard light module. You need to remove the dash trim to get to it. It is right behind the hazard light switch.

What would cause both turn signal and your hazard light to stop working at the same time on a 2002 Chevy Avalanche?

Probably the turn signal/hazard flasher went bad. On some vehicles they are separate units, but on some vehicles they are the same unit.

Are the turn signal bulbs and hazard bulbs the same bulbs?

Turn signal bulbs and hazard bulbs are the same bulb. When the turn signal is turned on, the indicator light on the dash flashes in tune with the turn signal. When the hazard lights are turned on, an extra fuse which is live, powers the hazard flashers, even if the car is turned off.

Why only turn on the front signal and the back signal no turn on?

if the front signal is working and the back doesn't, the light is probably blown.

Front drivers turn signal light is good but not working on a o6 Buick Lacrosse fuses have power and are good hazard not working all other lights do Not corroded at connections Whats next?

The turn signal relay and hazard relay may need to be replaced, see your dealer You may have a short.

Why do your hazards come on when trying to use your directionals in your infiniti?

Sounds like there is a problem with the turn signal switch but it could be another problem. First you need to see if the hazard light's work normally when turn signal is not on, if it does the the turn signal switch is the problem. If your hazard lights do not function when you turn the hazard light switch on, then it's a simple fuse or flasher canister that has gone bad and your hazard flasher is in the on position. If the Hazard light's have a bad fuse or flasher canister and is in the "ON" position it can cause the problem you describe.

What would cause a signal light to work sometimes?

I have a 2000 olds alero and the signal light only work sometimes, What would cause that?

How do you change a front signal light on a 98 Acura RL?

How do you change front signal bulb on 2000 acura RL

Why is it 1997 f-150 hazard lights and left signal light work but right signal light clicks really fast?

Sounds like a blown bulb somewhere on the righthand signal side.

Where is the turn signal flasher on a VW Beetle 2001?

The flasher is part of the hazard light switch.

Where is the signal and hazard light flasher on a 1990 Isuzu Pickup?

on a 1989 Isuzu pickup you need to take out the left speakerto get to the signal and hazard light flasher ..The control box for the flashers and turn indicators is all contained within the steering column. Not the easiest to get to.

How to change Saturn L300 turn signal flasher?

the signal flasher is the hazard light switch......remove the radio bezel and change the switch

How do you find the location for replacing the relay switch for the hazard and turn signal lights on a Pontiac Grand Am?

It's attached to the back of the hazard light button.

How do you change a signal light on a 2000 s10?

Assuming this is a front signal light you are trying to replace, you need to remove the head light assembly first. This will give you room to access the signal light bulb.

Why does your front signal light blink faster than the other?

Check the back signal light. Usually if the front blinks fast the back is out or need to be replace. Vice versa

How do you change the front signal light on a 2002 civic?

There is a screw on the black plastic underneath the fender, you have to unscrew it and you will have access to the signal light.

How do you get at the front right turn signal light to replace it?

on what car

How can you tell the difference between a 1973 and a 1974 Pontiac ventura?

The 1973 ventura had a hole in the bumper for the front signal light, the 1974 had a slit in the front bumper with the signal light at the edge

How to Change a front signal light - Volvo 1999 S80?

how do you replace front left turn signal on a 2001, volvo, s80

2002 ford expedition front turn signal wont blink and the rear signal blinks fast?

Change the front turn signal light bulb. It's bad.

Problems with 2000 Mazda 626 on lights signal?

You should clarify your problem or question. Is it the front or rear signal light? Is the tail light coming on with the signal light? Are none of the lights coming on at all?

What would cause the turn signal lights on a 1992 Explorer to light up but not flash The emergency flashers work but the turn signals will not flash?

either a bulb or the signal flasher relay located on the fuse panel usually opposite the hazard flasher relay