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Your car is either running way too rich or the rings are worn out and your buring oil. If it is just running rich one of your sensors are out or you need a general tune up. If your rings are worn out then your engine needs rebiult. To tell if your rings are bad your cars smokey exhaust will have a blueish tint to the smoke.

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Q: What would cause a rough idle and heavy black exhaust in a 1991 Tercel?
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Why is black smoke coming out the exhaust?

It is buring oil this is a wrong answer whe engine burn oil to the exhaust smoke is a heavy white smoke no black

What cause black smoke in the exhaust?

Black smoke is caused by the engine ~not~ burning all of its fuel. The most common cause of incomplete fuel burn is a clogged air filter, exhaust system (muffler) or injectors covered with carbon build-up. Another cause is too much fuel entering the engine to be burned due to either bad calibration or too heavy a load.

Why does my diesel produce black smoke?

Under heavy acceleration all diesels produce black smoke. It's a product of waste fuel being exited via the exhaust pipe and is a sign of inefficiency. Older diesels also produce black smoke under "normal" conditions and this also a cause of unspent fuel, but mainly because of age.

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Why does your 1987 Toyota Tercel blow heavy blue smoke out of the exhaust and oil through the PCV and breather hose?

Blue smoke out tailpipe is common for oil getting in combustion chamber. It means you can have bad valve seals, easy to fix, or oil is slipping past rings, much more extensive and expensive.

How the exhaust temperature of Heavy Diesel engine is Controlled?

The main reason for exhaust temprature is the problem with the injectors.the unburnt fuel from the combustion chamber flows to the exhaust manifold while engine works.This unburnt fuel burns in the exhaust manifold burns and causes high exhaust temprature.

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