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You might have a caliper "hanging up" a little and it's causing the disk brake pad to rub on the rotor. You can certainly have the problem taken care of at a brake shop. In GM vehicles and any other vehicle with a brake pad thickness sensor it can mean that your brakes are nearly worn out and need to be replaced.

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Q: What would cause a scraping sound from a tire while driving normally but it goes away after braking a few times?
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Find cause of jingling noise while driving and stops when braking?

your keys?

What would cause 02 Cavalier to have a horrible LOUD grinding scraping type noise coming from left front wheel area started after driving on a gravel road happens while driving braking and turning?

Perhaps a pebble got stuck in either cv joint or in behind brake caliper

What would cause a knocking noise when braking?

Normally caused by worn steering or suspension components.

What would cause intermittent front end shaking while driving not braking?

realignment, 60 to 80 bucks

What is the cause of car vibrating at times when driving?

Normally this is caused by a tire out of balance or a bent wheel.

Will a broken motor mount cause the front end of a vehicle to shake when braking.?

not usually. warped rotors will cause a vibration during braking.

Will back rotors cause shaking to?

If they are warped they can cause shaking when braking.

How long brakes last and how they perform depends on?

Mostly driving habits (hard braking instead of steady gradual braking) but there are many other factors. If you do a lot of city driving, that will cause significantly more wear than if you drive mostly on the highway. Vehicle condition; were the rotors in good condition when the brakes were done and are the calipers working correctly? If the calipers are sticking, it will cause premature pad failure. Quality of the pads matter also, you know the phrase "You get what you pay for". If you can afford to buy better pads, you should...

Do warped rotors cause car to shake only when giving it gas?

No, warped rotors will cause vibration when braking.

What will cause a front end to shake on a Chevy Colorado when braking?

warped rotor

What would cause the brake lights to stay on when the headlights are on?

You should consult the owner's manual, as this appears to be a fuse/electrical issue. You might also consider removing your foot from the brake pedal when driving at night. Happy braking!

Several factors can cause tire failure including inflation hard braking and?


what would cause a rubbing noise on drivers side front wheel especially when braking ( I replaced ro?

what would cause a rubbing noise on drivers side front wheel especially when braking ( I replaced rotor and wheel bearings are good) ?

What could cause constant loud squealing from the front driver's side wheel of a 1994 Acura Integra 1.8L while driving and braking when the brake pads are less than 4 months old?

it is possibly your calipers and or rotors.

What makes a car jerk?

This could be the cause if an improper alignment if it happens under normal straight line driving. If the jerk is more prevalent when going on bumpy roads, it may be a sign of bad shocks or springs. If the jerk is occurring during braking situations, the problem may be related to the bearings being worn or warped discs/drums in the braking system.

How many braking systems a vehicle should have 4 or 5?

Normally, a vehicle has ONE braking system that includes the brake pedal, the brake master cylinder, newer cars then have the Anti-Lock Braking System, then there are either disc type or drum type brakes at each wheel, and everything is connected with small metal and rubber hoses that allow the pressurized brake fluid to activate the brake pads and/or brake shoes that cause the friction necessary to slow your vehicle.

What would cause single Knocking noise when braking or turning?

A single knocking noise when braking or turning can be caused by a faulty axle. The cost of replacement is usually around 1,000 dollars.

Why does the steering wheel shift when braking then shift back when released?

Sounds like the wheels need re-balancing - that would cause the vehicle to 'pull' to one side during braking.

What would be the cause of high pitched squeaking whistling sound in front right when driving in 2003 Grand Cherokee Limited V8 engine?

Sounds like a brake wear indicator. If it changes while braking then it is. Recommend a brake inspection.

Why Driver increases its velocity during revolving a cycle?

It is good practice while driving to accelerate while in a turn. This is because most cars have their brakes in the front wheels, and braking while in a turn will cause the rear of a car to go into a spin.

Does the air bag light cause the check engine light to come on?

Not normally.Not normally.

What can cause a vehicle to skid?

Braking too hard or pushing too hard on the gas pedal.

Where would inertia cause the weight of a vehicle to shift during hard braking?

To the FRONT of the vehicle

Is it dangerous to put the wrong size tires on my car?

Yes, it can cause you a multitude of problems, such as braking.

What would cause a scraping noise in Buick Regal?

its most likely the clown wheels that the wanna be gangsters put on the car