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A bad circuit breaker. Replace it.

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Q: What would cause a short periodic low hum to come from a circuit breaker?
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What may cause breaker instantaneously trip?

A short circuit on the system will cause a breaker instantaneously trip.

What would cause a circuit breaker heating element to trip off?

There are two conditions that would cause a breaker to trip off. One is an overload of the circuit and the other is a short circuit on the circuit. The heating element within the breaker is what monitors for circuit overloads.

Can a circuit breaker on my 1992 grand prix cause my headlights to stay on?

No. A circuit breaker is like a fuse, it protects a circuit from a catastrophe if a dead short should occur.

What might cause a breaker to trip when switching on a light when resetting the breaker and checking the fuse doesn't restore power to one circuit?

Overloaded circuit, short in circuit, or defective switch.

What procedure should be followed when a circuit breaker trips?

Look for the cause of the trip and correct. Reset the circuit breaker. If it continues to trip it might be an overloaded circuit, loose connections in the circuit, or a short in the wiring somewhere.

What is a electric circuit breaker?

An electric circuit breaker is switch that is used to protect electrical circuit from a short circuit or overload.

Will short circuit wasting energy?

Short circuit blowing fuse or breaker.

Rupturing capacity of a circuit breaker?

the maximum short current that can be safely break by the circuit breaker.

Will a short circuit cause smoke detectors to beep after resetting the circuit breaker?

If your smoke detector is bleeping you have a serious risk of fire and the circuit breaker must not be reset until the fault that caused it to trip is investigated.

Is it true or false that a circuit breaker must be replaced after a short circuit occurs?

A circuit breaker must be reset to ON after a short circuit but does not need to be replaced. It depends on the type of CB. A fuse is also a circuit breaker and it needs to be replaced after a short circuit. Relayed circuit breakers have to be "picked up" after a dropout and need not be replaced as such.

An open circuit results when a hot wire touches ground?

A short circuit is the term for hot touching ground. This can cause a breaker to trip which will then open the circuit.

What is the use of breaker?

Breaker or circuit breaker is a switch operated automatically by electricity. Breakers are designed to protect or to prevent an electrical circuit from short circuit or overloading.

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