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aleaking Heater Core. Interesting description! There could be multiple answers. To begin, the cabin filter could be the source of the farm odor. It is located under the vent cowling on the passenger side at the bottom of the windshield. Carefully removing the black plastic screws from the cowling. However, the maple syrup smell after warming up potentially could indicate a heater core leak. If you are occasionally having to add coolant or if your heater is only "warm and not hot" would be a clue. If you have a core leak or if it is plugged the entire dash assembly must be dropped to access and replace the core. Good luck!

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Q: What would cause a smell from the heater of a 99 Ford Taurus wagon that at first smells like a farm then turns to a maple-syrup smell when warmed up?
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What will happen to warmed water next to a heater?

The warmed water next to the heater becomes hotter when the heater is switched on.

What will happen to the warmed water next to the heater?

it will heat up..

What is the hollow space inside the head where air is warmed before entering the lungs and where nerves that detect smells are located?

The sinuses.

What could be the source of a burning smell from your trucks AC after its warmed up?

you have a bad heater core in your vehicle

Why would a car heater be blowing cold air?

AnswerBad thermostat, clogged heater core, or a defective heater control switch. If an engine has not been running long it will not have warmed up, the warmth from a car heater usually comes from the engine.

Does it damage the engine to turn on the heater before the engine warms up fully?

NO, it will not damage the vehicle engine by turning the heater ON before the engine has warmed up fully.

Does a car heater need gasoline to work?

The engine has to be running and warmed up for the heater to produce hot air. So yes, you need gasoline to get heat from your car (unless you have an electric car).

The heater core isn't leaking Do you think the valves are clogged or is the heater core broken?

With the vehicle warmed up and the heater on, grab and feel the two heater hoses. If only one is hot, you've got blockage either in the lines or in the heater core itself. If both are hot, the problem is going to be your blend door.

What would be the cause of your 1991 dodge spirit's heater not blowing out hot air?

check for coolant in check for heater core leaking and verify if your thermostat is working(if it opens when engine is warmed up...hope this helps you..L

Why is there no heating in your Jeep Cherokee Sport?

1. Is coolant flowing through the heater hoses and heater core? Once the care is fully warmed up, running, and the heater on, the hoses going to and from the heater core should be hot to the touch. If not, coolant may not be flowing. 2. Is the heater door, under where people's feet are, broken? This URL may help explain Cherokee 97-04.html

Your ford windstar has a steam that comes into the vents when the car is warmed up that covers the entire inside of window It also has a antifreeze smell when the AC or heat is on any thoughts?

This will happen if you have a slight leak or leak in your heater core. Have your heater core checked for leaks.

The heat goes out when the car over heats?

the reason that the heat would cease to work when the car overheats is that the car is low on coolant. coolant is warmed by the engine as it transfers heat away from the engine. the heated coolant passes through heater hose and through the heater core. The blower motor blows air through the heater core warming the air and pushes the warm air through the vents in the car to you. the heater core is a small radiator in the dashboard of most vehicles. If there isn't coolant in the car, the engine becomes too hot thus the overheating. a side effect of this is that the lack of coolant means that coolant cannot get to the heater core to be warmed to warm you

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