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the LACK of LUBE or Graphte on the speed0 cable IF it's not an electric sending unit type. The speedo cable spins inside another cable. Moisture will cause rust after a few years and this will cause the speedo cable to start to drag and release. If you remove the cable from the back of the instrument cluster and squirt in some graphite, this should help with the bouncing.

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Q: What would cause a speedometer to start bouncing at 20 -25 mph?
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Why would the speedometer start bouncing at 45 miles an hour and then go all the way past 80 and stay there on a 93 Tempo?

I had the same issue with my 93 ford tempo, it turned out to be a governer gear in the tansmission that would cause it to spike the speedometer. If you get it looked at quick you will save lots of cash.

What is the likely cause of bouncing speedometer when driving at steady highway speeds?

Possibly your speed sensor. My speedometer would bounce around & then soon after it felt like my transmission was slipping. Turns out the speed sensor controls the upshift in your transmission.

What would cause the gas gauge and speedometer to start and stop working on 1998 contour?

got the same exact problem.

What would cause the speedometer and odometer to fail in a '97 Saturn S12?

sounds like a broken speedometer cable.

What is the first thing to check on a 2004 gmc sierra when the speedometer is not working right and keeps sticking?

If it is the same problem that appeared on my '04, it is going to be the instrument cluster. The speedometer is part of it and couldn't be changed independently. Mine started bouncing some when I would first start it up, then start working normal. I ignored that for a while. Then it got to where it would not move at all till I had driven some , then it would start working right. It finally got where it wouldn't move at all or just peg out. I had the cluster changed and that fixed it.

What would cause the speedometer needle not to work when the headlights are on?

If it's an electronic (analog) speedometer needle, you probably have a problem with the dasboard grounding.

What would cause the speedometer to not work and the odometer to work on a 1999 Mercury Cougar?

The gears in the speedometer are stripped. If the odometer is working then you have input.

What would cause a 1994 Chrysler lhs not to shift out of first gear and the speedometer is not working?

TCM Malfunction, And/Or Speedometer Sensor Malfunction.

What would cause the speedometer on a 1996 dodge neon not to work?

i would have to bet on the speed sensor

What would cause speedometer to work intermittently on 1996 Honda Accord EX?

The speedometer on a 1996 Honda Accord EX is the pulse variety. It is likely that the teeth on the speedometer gear are not meshing properly.

What would cause a speedometer on a 1996 Ford Taurus work intermittently?

If it works then all of a sudden it starts bouncing back and forth its your Vehicle speed sensor. NAPA part number Echlin VSS318 for a 98 Taurus. It's a little tough to access but achievable.

What would cause the odometer to stop working in a 1994 Cougar XR7 3.8 V-6?

If the speedometer continues to work - probably a broken gear etc. in speedometer head and probably will have to be replaced. If speedometer does not work -- probably a broken speedometer cable

In a 1998 Ford Mustang what would cause the loss of radio speedometer and power locks?


What would cause a transmission to not shift into gear and the speedometer to raise and lower?

Sounds like a grenaded transmission

What would cause a speedometer to go out on a 1996 Honda civic ex?

a wire could have came loose

What would cause the speedometer in a BMW 325 to not work until the engine warms up?

the speedometer switch is located at the rear of the diferential, remove wires clean and refit, that should cure it.

Why would a 97 Plymouth speedometer work only intermittently?

It is possible that the speedometer on a 1997 Plymouth will only work intermittently because the gear is worn out. Sometimes dirt can get up into the area where the speedometer cable is housed and cause excessive wear to the gear.

Why would the speedometer start jumping when the fog lights are turned on a 2002 Ram 1500?

The wires for the fog lights and speedometer are probably rubbing together somewhere behind the dash, the insulation is most likely worn on both the wires. I t will cause a short if it continues. Check the wires for worn insulation.

What would cause the speedometer tachometer not work in 1990 240sx?

Check the fuses near the drivers left foot

What would cause the horn domelight speedometer and windshield wipers to not work in a 98 ford ranger?

a dead battery

What would cause a 1991 Mazda Protege to have a blinking hold light and a non-functional speedometer?

The speedometer cable (which runs from the transmission to the dashboard) has snapped. This is a two-piece cable, and the one-piece cable in later Proteges will not work. I had the transmission replaced, and the cable could never be fit in properly. This is a mechanical speedometer, so you would have to change the entire speedometer part of the instrument panel to use a magnetic/electronic speedometer.

Why would your 1994 Jeep Grand Cherokee Laredo stall briefly and your speedometer jump?

Having the speedometer jump and the engine stall in the 1994 Jeep Grand Cherokee Laredo could be a problem with the idle and the transmission. The transmission slipping can cause the speedometer to jump.

How do you fix my speedo in my Vw beetle 1968?

Fixing it depends on what the speedometer is doing. Chances are its making a funny noise and the needle is bouncing around. This would be due to a damaged or unlubricated speedometer cable. It is a cable that spins around in a plastic sheath connected to the back or your speedometer and to your transmission. Often times removing it and filling it with graphite powder will solve the problem. If its severely damaged you can replace it with a new one. If the cable isn't the problem you may have to replace the speedometer itself.

Why would the speedometer and odometer not work on your motorcycle?

why would a speedometer and odometer not work on a suzuki motorcycle?

Can you replace P205 65 R15 with P195 60 R15 tires?

They would be shorter and that would affect speedometer accuracy.They would be shorter and that would affect speedometer accuracy.