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There can be two possibilities. The first is your wheel bearing going bad. The second could be the drive axle wearing out.

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2004-06-05 08:15:43
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Q: What would cause a squeaking noise coming from the drivers side wheel but not the brakes when you put the car into gear?
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Why do you get this squeaking sound each time you push the brakes'What causes this?

Vibrations that come through the breaks squeaking can cause the irritating squeaking that we have come to know. The high frequency of the vibrations results in the high pitch squeaking. Alternatively, the squeaking can come from the disc that secures the brakes, when the vehicle is coming to a stop.

What is the cause of squeaking brakes?

Sometimes things such as sand will get into your brakes and cause the squeaking noise. In other instances, it might something mechanical beginning to fail. Regardless of the cause, if the noise continues you should see your mechanic!

What could cause squeaking from rear tire?

rubbing from brakes or rubbing from frame

What is the cause of wheels squeaking when car goes?

Usually it is the brakes that needs servicing.

What would cause a Mazda 6 brakes to squeak?

If the brakes on a Mazda 6 are squeaking, it could be indicative of a problem. The brake pads could be incorrectly set.

Squealing noise coming from front drivers side wheel but stop when you touch the brakes?

Many times the newer non asbestos pads will get dirty or the hardware will and will cause a squeaking sound, also these pads have a piece of metal that will contact the rotor when they are ready to be replaced, the squeak is a reminder to get them changed soon. Either way you should have them looked at.

What makes the squeaking noise with each tire revolution?

One thing thing that can cause a squeakingÊ noise with each revolution of a tire is new rim brakes. Bad universal joints may cause the squeaking noise or the back plate may be rubbing on the rotor.

Your car makes a continuous squeaking sound coming from the front after about half an hour of driving. what could cause this?

te alternaor belt may be slipping causing the squeaking as it returns charge to the battery

Can the fan belt cause a squeaking sound?

would the fan belt on a v8 motor cause squeaking

What can cause a 2005 Jeep Grand Cherokee to produce a squeaking or grinding noise from the passenger front wheel well when moving?

Brakes CV joints or bearings.

What can cause squeaking when tire is moving?

brakes that are dirty or worn out. also check your shock absorbers or springs. or a worn bearing

What would cause a rotational noise when the car is coming to a stop?

Have the brakes checked.

What would cause an unusual noise coming from the front drivers side of a 1995 Astro van when the brakes are applied at low speed 1-5 mph?

I had the same problem. It was the upper control arm bushings. They got worn and slapped back and forth when I hit the brakes.

What would cause a squeaking noise while going downhill in a 1993 Nissan Frontier?

Most people will tap the brakes of a car when their car is going downhill, usually to keep the car under the speed limit. The squeaking noise could be the brake rotors or the brake pads.Ê

What would cause a squeaking sound coming from the driver door when turning either way or hitting a bump?

This squeaking noise is just the body of the car under pressure. It is nothing to worry about.if you are still concerned take it to your local garage at get them to look at it.

Why would your car make a squeaking noise when putting it in gear from park Squeaking sound also happens when going over small bumps at slow speeds and sometimes when brake is released.?

Dirty brake pads could cause a car to make a squeaking noise when putting the car in gear or when releasing the brakes. Cleaning, sanding, or replacing the brake pads should make the sound stop.

What can cause a tire to wobble other than wheel bearings axle and tire vehicle was in accident now has a slight wobble with a squeaking noise the squeaking goes away when brakes applied?

The wheel may be bent. Take the vehicle to a trusted tire shop and have them remove and test the wheel to see if it is bent. The squeaking noise sounds like the brake pads are worn out. You need to have this looked into for the safety of you and your family.

What is the cause of squeaking in the front end when applying brakes on a 1991 Capric?

I'm pretty sure that it would just some dust, rocks, or dirt. I think it could also be that you need new brake pads.

Why would brakes still squeak after changing pads 2004 jeep liberty?

If you brakes are still squeaking after you change your brake pads in any car, you have a warped rotor. The squeaking is caused by the rotor vibrating when pressure is applied by the pads. The best way to permanently fix the problem is to replace your pads and your rotors at the same time. This can also cause accelerated wear on the new pads if you do not replace the rotors at the same time, or at least have them turned.

Why are your brakes squeaking?

Like any other moving part on your car, the brake system is intended to wear out over a period of time. Brakes are vital for safe stopping, so when they display any issues, like squealing, squeaking, or a soft brake pedal – it should be inspected by a professional mechanic as soon as possible. While minor problems can cause squeaking or squealing noises, once the brakes start grinding, it’s a definite sign they need to be replaced. If you are caught up in this situation in the middle of the road, you can still drive slowly but it’s best to call a Cape Coral car removal service since this can prevent accidents once the brakes malfunction. Call these numbers for a speedy response, 239-458-3333 or 239-656-4030.

What would cause a squeaking noise at low speeds from front tire in Saturn IonNot brakes or rotors apparently?

If you have hubcaps take then off and drive it. If the noise is gone the squeak is coming from the metal ring on inside of the hubcap. A few of the platic rivets are most likely loose. You can buy some foam tape to insulate the ring and the noise will be gone

Will I need new brake pads if my car is making a squeaking sound when I use the brakes?

There are several things that may make your brakes squeal. The most common causes are a lack of lubrication and worn brake pads. Less common (and not all agree that it is a cause) is dust and grime in the brake system. The best thing to do is to take your car to a mechanic and have your brakes checked and make the necessary repairs.

What would cause a squeaking noise coming from the rear end of the car when you go over a bump in the road?

A squeaky noise can come from the back of your car if your shocks are damaged. Sometimes shocks can dry rot.

What is the cause of fan belt giving squeaking sound?

Belt is loose and slipping

What would cause squealing or squeaking on or near the rear wheel on a 1999 Subaru Forester?

Can you give more detail? Is it squeak, squeak, squeak or squeeeeeeek? I'm assuming that it only occurs when the car is moving. Does putting the brakes on make it change? --Ken It does make squeeeeek sound when car is moving and putting brakes on does change it.