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It is possible that the wear indicators for the brake pads are touching the rotor, indicating worn brake pads. They probably make the noise all the time, but at higher speeds, the pitch changes, and there is more road noise, so the problem is less noticeable. Depending on how much you drive, and traffic situations, etc, the noise should get a lot more more noticeable within the next couple of days. You will then have to replace the brake pads, ASAP. If not, the pads will tear up the rotors, and then they too will have to be replaced.

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Q: What would cause a squeaking noise in a 1991 Toyota Previa front wheel drive when you turn at slow speeds and when shifting at low speeds?
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What causes squeaking at low speeds coming from the tires that goes away as you increase the speed?

Squeking at low speeds? Its your coil springs in your suspension. Have them fixed and the problem should be solved.

Why is your wheel squeaking when you drive but stops when there is no weight on it like if you are in a turn and the weight is shifted to the opposite side of the car?

I had this happen. It was the wheel bearing. It starts off as a faint whine, but over time as the bearing gets worse it becomes a squeal at highway speeds and a squeak at low speeds. If squeaking at low speeds the bearing is on its last legs and total failure is imminent probably causing more expensive damage and repair.

What are the shifting speeds for motorcycles?

I'm assuming by "shifting speeds" you mean when the manufacturer recommend you select the next gear. This will vary from bike to bike depending on the engine, transmission, and final drive ratios. You would find the information for your specific motorcycle in the user manual that came with it.

1988 Toyota truck blower motor speeds won't work on low speeds?

The blower motor speed resister is burned out.

How does Toyota highlander hybrid work?

I was considering a Lexus RX400h when I realized that it was very inefficient at freeway speeds 65-75 mph. Most of my driving is freeway at high speeds. How does the Toyota Highlander hybrid technology work? Is it still beneficial/cost effective at freeway speeds?

What would cause car to make a high squeaking noise whenever you have the wheel turned slightly but only at speeds slower then 40mph?

It is most likely due to a loose power steering belt. If the steering wheel is hard to turn at speeds slower than 40mph or it gets harder the more you turn it and the squeaking noise happens when you turn the wheel, then you need to check the tension on the power steering belt.

Why would your car make a squeaking noise when putting it in gear from park Squeaking sound also happens when going over small bumps at slow speeds and sometimes when brake is released.?

Dirty brake pads could cause a car to make a squeaking noise when putting the car in gear or when releasing the brakes. Cleaning, sanding, or replacing the brake pads should make the sound stop.

My Toyota Previa as a wineing noise when you accelerate and is getting worse?

Previas have a history of a whining noise coming from the catalytic converter. There is a bracket inside the converter that when loose or has came apart creates the whining noise during acceleration. It especially is very pronouced during high speeds in the freeway. You might be in for an expensive cat converter replacement.

What is the roaring noise 1999 Toyota Camry XLE?

What is the roaring noise from a 1999 Toyota Camry XLE at speeds over 35 ? Sounds like it is coming from the rear.

2000 jeep automatic is not shifting correctly after it gets hot why?

A 2000 Jeep automatic that is not shifting correctly after it gets hot might have something wrong with the speed sensor that is located in the transmission. The speed sensor tells the transmission what gear to shift into at certain speeds.

At what speeds do you shift gears on a 2007 Toyota matrix?

you are suppose to change at 3000 rpm to get your correct gas mileage

What is the shifting speeds for an 18 wheeler?

That depends on what your rear end gear ratios are. It varies greatly. As a default, you typically upshift at 1500 RPMs and downshift at 1000 RPMs.

1992 lesabre feels like it is shifting in and out of gear at speeds around 35-40?

could be the transmission is low on fluid... could be the transmission is low on fluid...

Hi your UK Previa 2.4 2001 automatic is hesitant at low speeds the transmission fluid is dark brown Could changing the fluid solve the problem Thanks Martin?

It couldn't hurt. Give it a try.

Manual transmission faulty throw out bearing symptoms?

When a TO bearing starts to go bad you will hear noise when you push on the clutch. Also shifting will be more dificult when at slower speeds.

Why does the steering wheel on 2004 Toyota Camary wobble at low speeds and also can feel vibration in the car at high speeds?

Could be out of balance Tire may be worn and need replacement Could be a bent wheel

What would cause your car to make squeaking sound when you turn the wheel while parked or in very low speeds?

Loose or worn out power steering drive belt. Usually this is a loose or worn belt on the power steering pump. The pump works its hardest when the vehicle is parked or at low speeds so if there is a belt issue, it will happen then.

Where do you add the transmission fluid on a 1994 Toyota celica 5 speed?

5 speeds dont need trany fluid. lloll

What does a squeaking sound that starts when the car is in motion and speeds up when the car accelerates mean?

Have your brake pads checked. If the squeaking sound stop when you apply the brakes it may be your brake pad wear indicators rubbing the rotors to warn you to have your brake pads replaced. If you ignore it damage will result when the rotors and metal brake pad backing or rivets rub after the brake pad linings are worn away.

Is shifting your car in to neutral while driving bad for the car?

If you are driving under 30 MPH it probably won't do much damage, but shifting to neutral at highway speeds and you will ruin your engine. If you start skidding on an icy road (probably going 20 MPH or less) shifting to neutral will take you out of the skid and stop your vehicle immediately. Doing this spared me from colliding with another car when I was skidding in snowy weather.

How much horse power does the Toyota Yaris 2007 have?

The Toyota Yaris 2007 has 106 horsepower. It gets its horsepower from its 1.5 liter engine. The 1.5 l engine has five speeds with automatic or manual transmission.

What could cause noise at highway speeds in a Toyota Sequoia?

there are quite a few wheel bearing problems on these and sometimes differentials front and rear

What causes a 1998 Toyota Camry to shake when brakes are applied at high speeds?

You need to check rotors and brake pads one or both are failing.

Why would your 1990 Toyota Camry 5-speed slip out of 5Th gear while traveling at highway speeds?

Transmission needs an overhaul

How do you put your Ford F-150 into 4x4?

depends on what year or what transfer case u have............. with a pusbutton 4x4 system u can push the button at any time at low speeds, on older stick shifting transfer cases u must put the vehicle in neutral, but newer stick shifting transfercases can shift on fly