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What would cause a stick shift not to engage on a 1995 Saturn SL and could it be fixed by replacing the center console?


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2008-06-21 16:13:19
2008-06-21 16:13:19

Or, you could go to eBay and search for "saturn shifter bushing" and get a replacement bushing for around $20. I found this information at this website: if it is a standard tranny your bushing on the stick shift has gone bye bye go to a junk yard and pop off another one and replace as Saturn does not carry this part you must buy the whole shifter cable for around 150-200 bucks I found a set of nylon wiper linkage bushings at Advance Auto, part #49448, that can be modified to work. Most of the major auto supply stores have the same item in the HELP!section. Cut off the end of the bushing at the first indention to make it short enough to work. File off the ridge nearest to the lip on the back so the bushing will slide through the cable end. Put a little grease inside of the bushing, put it through the cable end and and clip it on to the metal knob on the shifter with channel-lock pliers. It takes a little effort with the pliers to get it on. I have been using this for six weeks with no problems. Since there are several bushings in the package, I have modified another and keep it in the car just in case.


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