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Nasty kid next door tied his skateboard under there? Maybe tied his little brother? Loose suspension components, loose drive train parts, esp CV and universal joints, dangling muffler, dangling spare tire....

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Q: What would cause a thump noise under your car only when driving?
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What would cause a car to thump when turning left?

Is it a loud thump like something has hit under the car?

What would cause a loud thump under left side of ford 2002 windstar while driving straight 40 mph?

If it is a continuous thump (ie thump, thump, thump) that changes in speed with the speed of the vehicle it is likely related to a tire problem. If it happens when you hit a bump or immediately afterwards it is likely due to something loose or worn out in the suspension. If it happens somewhat randomly and doesn't seem affected by bumps it may be a loose piece of trim, or something loose under the car getting knocked around by the winds.

Why is there a squeaking noise when driving slow under your beetle 2000?

There might be a squeaking noise when driving slow in your 2000 Beetle because your suspension needs to be replaced. The squeaking can also come from the universal joint.

What would cause a clicking noise under the body of the vehicle?

cv joints

What is the loud grinding noise coming from under your car sounds like its by the tires it is loudest when driving straight and turning right?

Defective left front wheel bearing. Have this repaired ASAP, as it can cause an accident.

What is the Knocking noise under front side while driving?

The knocking noise could be one of several things. The wheel bearing, a worn steering or suspension part, or road debris could be causing the noise.

What wouuld cause a Whistle noise from under dash of dodge durango?

The air conditioners intake it under the passenger side dash all the way in the front. Some times receipts or plastic bags can get sucked up there and cause the noise. -Gary

The leading alchol-related cause of death is?

Driving under the influence.

What causes clicking noise from box under front seat of 1997 Aurora?

One thing that can cause a clicking noise under the car is when the bar bushings get worn out on the sway bar. Also, it could be coming from the struts if strut oil is leaking. Other things that can cause a clicking noise if not working properly are the exhaust system and the transmission clutch assembly.

Your 1999 Daewoo Lanos has a thump thump sound coming from under the hood closest the right and left wheels It sounds as though something is loose What could be the problem?

ck the struts

What could cause a loud banging noise from under the rear of the vehicle?

back struts are bad or exhaust is loose

Why would there be a whistling noise when your 2003 impala idles Upon accelerating the noise goes away.?

The most common cause of the whistling in a 2003 Impala is a vacuum leak. Any of the lines under the hood could be causing the noise.

What causes a squealing noise when driving forward but not in reverse?

It could be the transmission, it could be some parts under the vehicle that rub only when travelling forward.

What makes the rattling noise under driver's feet when driving over bumps?

The sway bar end links could be damaged on a vehicle that is making that noise. Also, check the dust shields on the front brake assembly.Ê

What is considered drunk driving in Florida?

drunk driving in Florida is cosidered as someone drinking under age or drinking achohol while driving (wich could cause severe crashes)

What would cause a chirping noise under the hood of a 2003 F350 King Ranch It makes the noise whether the ac or heat is on or not?

A glazed belt can make that noise. Try rubbing a bar of soap on the belts and start it up. If the noise goes away temporarily, replace the belts.

1996 ford thurnderbird lx and im having front end noise coming from under the front car?

This could be a bad strut or ball joint. If the noise is constant when you drive this is probably the cause. If the noise only happens when you hit a bigger bump/pothole I would check your motor mounts, this was the cause on my thunderbird.

Will pink noise harm hearing?

Pink noise it's self will not cause damage to your hearing. However it is how loud and how long you play the sound for. If you listen to pink noise with a volume level under 85db SPL(Sound Pressure Level) is quite unlikely to cause any damage to your hearing, even if listening to it continuously =)

What will cause your 1991 325ic BMW to make loud acceleration noises?

it depends on what kind of loud noise, a knocking noise, a grinding noise, a chatter. if you can tell me what kind of noise i can help if your car is a manual transmisison and the noise you are talking about is a "growl" when under load then it is most likely worn bearings on the input shaft to the transmision. Well if the loud noise in only during acceleration, and has no noticeable effect on the cars driving, then it is most likely a hole in your exhaust. I have a 91 325ic and It had a loud accelerating noise, but when i plugged the hole and the harsh noise ceased. There are plenty of ways to plug holes for free just find one and try it and if it works..great!

What does Driving Operating under the influence mean?

This means driving under the influence of alcohol and/or driving under the influence of drugs.

Would a bad bearing cause your engine to be hard to turn over and make a loud banging noise under the valve cover?

It can.

What is the loud noise under the hood of the car?

It depends on the nature of the noise.

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It can be if you let your anger overrule your good sense. Anger can cloud your perceptions, it can cause you to be more aggressive, and it can cause you to take it out on innocent bystanders. If you are not in control, the vehicle is not controlled. It can actually get worse. If the level of anger goes up you could become even more violent.It is true that driving under the influence of anger can be just as dangerous as drinking and driving. Driving under the influence of anger is also known as road rage.

At times your 2000 Laredo makes a whistling sound when I'm driving that seems to be coming from under the hood near the dash and windshield what is this noise?

Perhaps a vacuum leak?

Infiniti g35 2004 makes a noise under the hood when I start driving but stops almost immediately?

This is the anti-lock breaks self-adjusting. Perfectly normal.