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What would cause a toilet to continuously keep filling the bowl?


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2004-07-19 17:48:57
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Your flush valve is probably overflowing due to a bad fill valve, or the float is set too high. Open up your tank and look inside to see what happens when you flush.


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Iron in the water would cause rusty stains in the toilet.

Defective refill device. Replace or adjust. Also check the flapper to make sure it is sealing properly.

In a toilet tank or water reservior to regulate filling.

A broken seal would cause dirty water to jettison from a toilet. A plumber can fix it.

Regular Toilet water (meaning no contaminats) will NOT cause blindness.

I would say they smell something...

The downstairs toilet is not properly vented and the flow from the one upstairs creates a vacuum in the waste line.

Water would drain from the toilet bowl if there is a crack in the lower part of the toilet. You would possible see water or signs of damp around the base. There is unfortunately no 'fix' for a crack in a porcelain bowl. If this is the cause then you need anew toilet.

Why would you want to know that?HUH?!

If it is fuel injected, the pump has to run continuously. If it has a carburetor, it is probably getting weak.

Usually, the wax seal has to be replaced. There is a possibility your toliet has a crack, but I would pull the toilet and replace the wax seal.

You probably need to replace the wax ring and possibly tighten the two bolts that hold the toilet to the floor.

My toilet is doing the same thing this morning. We had a big rain last night. Could this be part of the cause?

The computer has detected a fault in the airbag circuit.

Which part, the tank or the bowl? If it's the tank, you have a problem with a restriction between the tank and the bowl. If it's the bowl, you have an obstruction in either the neck of the toilet or the drain pipe below the toilet.

there is a blockage either in supply pipe or refill valve.

Maggots are fly larve if flys are getting under your toilet you should put silcone caulk around the base. if flys cant get under the toilet then they cant lay their eggs. I would lift the toilet kill the maggots replace the wax ring tighten the toilet bolts really tight then caulk

I would intentionally overflow a public toilet by taking the lid off the back, then taking out the thing that covers the hole in the bottom. Then clog the toilet and just wait. The toilet will just flush and flush and flush and flush until it overflows. And then it will keep flushing. You could flood the entire bathroom with no one even knowing!

if you have water to the rest of the house and its the toilets only then either someone has turned off the valves under the toilets or the fill valves have both failed at the same time. [not very likely!!] cant be much of anything else.

you need a hammer arrester. They sell a nifty hammer arrester that will fit on the pipe supplying the toilet without having to use a torch. fairly cheap ($12) and easy to install. A loose washer in the toilet shut off valve can cause this problem.

Your question is actually not very clear. Do you mean that the filling wont stop even the tanks is full and overflow out of the tank? IF that the case please do check the float because it is either the float is jammed or it is punctured. If what youre asking is that if the float is ok but the water wont stop from flowing into the toilet bowl please do check the diaphragm of the tanks. Sometimes the diaphragm is damage that the water is not stop and keep flowing through the damage part. Hope this help

sounds like the wax ring did not take or the flange is not set right

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