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try thisThe flasher relay might be a good first place to check since it regulates the on and off cycling of the turn signal Additional Input

There are at least a couple more possible cause for a rapid cyclic rate.

1. A high resistance ["partial"] short circuit in the circuit for the turn signals. Some examples being a wire pinched in a crevice in the sheet metal resulting in damage to the wire insulation allwing a very miniscule contact between the wire and the grounded sheet metal, or corrosion build up in one or all of the bulb sockets.

2. If a replacement bulb was the incorrect bulb, having a heavier filiment than the proper bulb, it would draw more current, possibly a lot, as the change of flash rate is dependent on current value. The heavier the filiment, the greater the current draw, the greater the current draw, the greater the flash rate.

3. Oh, there is another, but you didn't mention it, so it may not apply. The more bulbs which are on the circuit drawing current, the faster the rate. A very good example is when towing a trailer with lights plugged into your vehicle's light system. The additional "load" created by the larger number of bulb filiments burning, can cause the flash rate to be incredibly fast. For this problem, a "heavy duty" flasher module is made, and sold at most auto parts stores.

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Q: What would cause a turn signal to blink fast?
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2002 ford expedition front turn signal blink to fast and the rear signal don't blink at all?

your rear bulb is blown - replace the bulb The turn signal blinks fast because the bulb is going out. That is also why the others dont blink.

What would make the right turn signal blink at normal speed and the left turn signal blink very fast in a 1993 Chevrolet Cheyenne 12 ton pickup?

That's usually an indication of a burned out bulb.

Why would a new bulb cause the turn signal to blink fast?

The new bulb is already burned out, not seated properly in its socket, or you replaced the wrong one. Get out and look at the signal lights while they are blinking fast. Either the front or rear light is not blinking at all. That is the one that needs to be replaced.

Fast blinker turn signal?

often the blinker is made to blink faster when there is a bulb burned out

2002 ford expedition front turn signal wont blink and the rear signal blinks fast?

Change the front turn signal light bulb. It's bad.

Why does the right turn signal blink fast on 2001 Chevrolet Lumina?

You have a blown bulb either front or rear.

Why does my blinker work fine then blink fast then work fine again?

The signal flasher relay may be on its way out.

Why does the turn signal blink fast on your Chevy s10?

Look from the outside. Either the front or back bulb is burned out.

Why does my 99 escort zx2 blinkers blink to fast?

Check all of your blinker lights. There are two in each tail light, one in each center signal, and one at the corner of each headlight, a total of 8 lights should blink when you have the flashers on. If a bulb is burnt out, it will increase the blink rate. Also, installing LED's in the tail lights will cause the blink rate to increase.

Why do turn signal blinks fast but bulbs are lit?

Between each blink there is a space in time when the bulb is not lit. Turning signal lamps have to blink at a certain rate (at least in Britain or fail the MOT - Ministry of Transport - test certificate).

What would make the left turn signal blink at normal speed and the right turn signal blink very fast in a 1991 Acura Legend LS?

A. check and make sure all the bulbs are working. B. someone may have replaced the blinker itself with a aftermarket one that blinks at a diff rate.

Why do your right turn signal lights blink fast only when the headlights are turned on?

If the lights blink fast on either side of the car then this means you either have non-factory bulbs in the car or you need to replace your blinkers because one of your lights is out.

Why does your front signal light blink faster than the other?

Check the back signal light. Usually if the front blinks fast the back is out or need to be replace. Vice versa

What causes blinker to blink twice as a fast than normal?

Check all of your turn signal bulbs. One of them may be burned out.

Why does your signal light blink fast on your Lexus?

Normally this happens when one of the bulbs is burnt out. Make sure all bulbs are working.

Why does a Miata Signal lights blink fast but will not reflect in front flashers why?

check your bulbs, this happens when a light bulb is burnt out good luck

2004 Ford Explorer Sport Trac Turn Signal blinking fast?

Check your light bulbs.... usually a fast blink is too let you know that one of your bulbs has burnt out

Why does your left turn signal blink fast?

One of the bulbs is burned out. Turn on the blinker and look at the front and back turn signals to find out which one.

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Why does the left signal light blink so fast on my 1999 cadillac deville stop working now right blinker want work either?

sounds like an electrical fault i would take it to a mechanic

2007 kawasaki 900 one turn signal blink fast other side blink normal?

Changed any lamps recently and wrong replacement fitted (or if double filament, is it the right way round) or is one blown?

Why does the right turn signal click fast and only the rear signal light blinks on a 1997 Ford Thunderbird?

One of the front blinker bulbs is burnt out. Replace the bad bulb and the blink should function normaly. you have a front right turn signal bulb that is burned out. the resone it blinks fast is there is less load on the flasher .

Why would the turn signal on a 98 S10 blink really fast inside but neither the brake light nor the turn signal light up at the rear of the truck?

The bulb that is not illuminating, is installed incorrectly. Take it out, and replace it with a new one, making sure the nubs on the socket are in the right slots.

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you have a light out that way it signal fast

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