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Have that tire checked it may be out of balance or have broken steel belts, also check the wheel bearings and suspension bushings.

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Q: What would cause a vibration or wobbling sound in the front drivers side when driving?
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What will a bad harmonic balancer cause?

It can cause a vibration at different RPMs. If it is wobbling around on the crankshaft it could cause damage to the crankshaft's snout. And a worst case scenario overtime a faulty balancer could break a crankshaft.

Describe how vibration cause sound?

Vibration does not cause sound, vibration IS sound. Sound is merely how our brains interpret the vibration that comes into our ears.

Can vibration cause itch?

yes, A vibration with a frequency high enough to cause itching

Why does steering wheel vibrate when brakes are applied?

This is probably due to worn brake rotors on the brakes, if there is no vibration when driving then this will be the cause.

Forces causing vibration in a ship?

There are a number of forces that could cause vibration in a ship. Friction for example is a force known to cause vibration.

Will a bad power steering pump cause vibration when driving?

No...not typically. A bad PS Pump can cause a vibration while turning the wheels at slow speeds, like in a parking lot etc. Most likely a vibration while driving would be caused by, Out of Balance or Out of Round Tires / Bent Wheels or Axles / Bad Wheel Bearings / Bad CV Axle / Bad U-Joint or Damaged Driveline (RWD & AWD) Vehicles. These are the areas you should be checking first for "Vibration While Driving" Posting the speed your vehicle vibrates can also be helpful. :)

What would cause a vibration in the steering wheel and a smell of burning rubber after 10 minutes of driving?

A flat tire is one possibility

What could be the cause of excessive vibration in 1994 Ford Escort while driving?

(1)Bad tires, (2)front end alignment, (3)bent drive shaft are the most common reasons for vibration.

Laguna and have violent vibration through pedal when you brake also when you unlock drivers door others stay locked can anyone help?

the brakes cause the vibration as for the doors it's probably a relay or inline fuse blown somewhere

What could cause steering wheel vibration when applying breaks while driving on a highway at 50 mph in a 2001 Galant?

Steering wheel vibration when applying brakes is usually caused by warped disc brake rotors

What is cause of intermittent vibration in 1994 ES 300 while driving with or without cruise but which goes away upon acceleration?

Try balancing the tires,

What could cause a vibration in front end of a 95 b2500 5.2l w positraction while driving the vibration does not occur all the time but it is starting to happen more frequently?

It lones to move very jittery and uncontrolably.

How weak battery will induce engine vibration?

a weak battery will not cause an engine vibration.

What would cause a wobbling noise coming from the rear of car while driving?

The first thing to check for a wobbly rear end noise is the wheel bearings. If they are ok, check the brake system for worn or broken parts.

What are the leading causes of car accidents in the US?

There are 6 most common causes of car accidents in the United States. Distracted drivers are the number one cause. Multi-tasking all day makes drivers feel they can also multi-task behind the wheel of their cars. The second cause is drivers driving while they are tired. Next comes drunk driving, & speeding. Fifth is aggressive driving like tailgating, rude gestures & disregarding traffic signals. Lastly, driving in bad weather can cause a driver to crash, especially if they are not accustomed to driving in snow, ice, heavy rain, fog, hail, or high winds.

What kind of driving styles cause transmissions to go out?

Speed shifting, grinding gears,drifting, and some horrible drivers.

How does changing the speed of the vibration affect the waves that the vibration produces?

The simple anaswer is that it depends on the cause of the vibation. If the vibration is caused by imbalance then the vibration should vary with the square of the speed (i.e speed doubles vibration increased by x4). Imbalance is not the only cause of vibration so you need to establish the cause first before you can anwer the question. There are plenty of places where you can buy a vibration chart but a good free site, which I use, is VibroNurse which has a tool for analysing vibration (as well as some very strange pictures!!!) ... the URL is

What is vibration and how do you use it?

Vibration is to move or cause to move continuously and rapidly to and fro. It is used in massage.

What happens when motor mounts are worn out?

Motor will move more than normal due to torque. This will cause you to loose some horse power to the drive wheels. It may also cause a vibration while driving.

Can an engine cause a car vibration?


What through matter cause sound?


What would cause your 1994 suburan to not want to accelerate after driving about thirty mins?

check your fuel filter along the frame on the drivers side

Can worn shocks cause a vibration in the front end of a truck?

Vibration, no but excessive bounce or wheel hop, yes.

What causes wave?

Wave is cause by a vibration by an object .

Can a fouled spark plug cause a vibration?