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What would cause all of the gauges in the dash of a 1991 Nissan truck not to work?

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βˆ™ 2011-09-13 17:53:32

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a fuse or a bad connection where it plugs in to the dash

2011-09-13 17:53:32
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What would cause gauges on a car instrument panel to read erratically?

In drivng a jacked up truck, my gauges very seldom read right. For one, if you have a lifted or lowered car or truck, the gausges are going to be slightly off. 2. your alternador may be going bad or have a loose battery wire.

What would cause the timing chain to keep jumping time in your 1985 Nissan truck?

try changing both timing gears

What would cause all gauges in a 1991 Nissan pickup to go out?

Richey cintorino Check the fusable link, that caused all my guages to go off on my 1987 pickup.

What would be the cause of the blower fuse in your 1994 Nissan Pathfinder continually burning out and consequently effecting the dashboard lights odometer and gauges?

blower motor has a short. replace blower motor

Will a 1989 z24 Nissan truck engine fit in a 2000 Nissan truck?

Yes but why would you want to? The KA24DE is superior to the Z24 in many ways

Why would cause the 1995 Nissan Pathfinder not to go in forward or reverse?

What would cause the 1995 Nissan Pathfinder not to go in forward or reverse?

What would cause the fuel and temp gauges to sit on high and the tach and speedo to read low and the odometer to jump to 999999 and stay there on a 1998 Nissan Frontier?

You've got an electrical fault, and it's not fuses.

What would cause the gauges horn and backup lights to stop working on a 1987 Nissan pickup and all fuses are good?

check your fusible link,its connected to your positive battery cable,it could be burnt or swollen.

What can cause my 1988 Nissan Hardbody to start and run for 45 seconds then it dies?

make sure to have your altenaor checked. had this happen to me. truck would run for a few minutes and then would die. had a bad altenator. put in a new one and the truck runs great

If you were going to buy a Nissan truck, what color would you pick?

If I was going to buy a Nissan truck my first color choice would be the Red Brick. If that color was not available for the particular model I was buying my second choice would be Night Armour or Galaxy Black.

What would cause the electrical gauges on a Chevrolet Malibu to become unresponsive when the vehicle is running?

The coldness

Would a PCV valve cause your truck to lose power?

NO it would not.

What would cause the Theft System service light to come on and gauges go erractic on a 2001 Cavalier?

if it is effecting all the gauges, check for a loose, freyed or broken ground wire.

What part do you need to replace on a 1987 Nissan truck with fault code 42?

that would be the throttle sensor.

T would make your Nissan truck spit and spuder?

Jumped timing or bad o2 sensor

Why would both headlights go out at the same time on a 1989 Nissan pickup truck?

Check your fuses.

What would cause a 1993 Nissan 4WD truck with manual transmission to not go into any gear when in 2 or 4WD yet will go into any gear when the transfer case is in neutral?


What would cause my 1996 Nissan Altima's temperature gauge to quit working?

age of car - although be careful that you do not have any leaks anywhere - this happened to me in a slot canyone in UT - the truck i had blew up

What would cause the rear end on a ford truck to smoke?

my truck started to smoke from the rear end when I was driving down the high way and now its jerking around WHY or What would be the cause

Would incorrect vacuum hose routing be a cause for false codes being thrown on 1987 Nissan d21 hardbody pickup with 2.4?

Yes, that is very possible. Also a leaking or loose hose would cause it. Considering this truck is 19 years old, I would replace all vacuum hoses.

What would cause the dash gauges and warning lights not work on a 92 Mitsubishi mighty max?

Check the fuse.

What would cause you gages to malfunction would a weak battery in a vehicle cause this?

A weak battery, loose/broken wires making a short, defective sensors that monitor what the gauges are displaying

Upon starting a ford f150 truck all the gauges vibrate for about 5 seconds then quit only happens every now and then whats the deal?

1st you have an old truck (current gauges are run by a computer that would set a code) 2nd you have a bad connection, either engine to body ground or dash to body ground.

What would cause bouncing gauges after hooking a battery up backwards in a car?

hi if u connect the battery the wrong way the gauges will bouncing this is because the gauges has whats called a ballast resistor an diodes this prevent the voltage current to flow only in one direction so it wil be preventing burning of the gauges

Why would the oil and temperature gauges still register after a Chevrolet G20 van sits for several days?

cause when you shut off the van the power to the gauges is cut off completely, so the gauges will stay wherever they were at until the next time you start the vehicle.