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There is a loose wire connection in one of the circuits. Get the circuit repaired before you have a fire.

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What would cause the bright lights to flash on a Pontiac tempest?

Check the dimmer switch on the floor and the electrical connection to it. It may be corroded.

What are the release dates for Lights Out - 1946 The Upstairs Floor 4-29?

Lights Out - 1946 The Upstairs Floor 4-29 was released on: USA: 10 March 1952

What are the release dates for Hit the Floor - 2013 Lights Out 1-6?

Hit the Floor - 2013 Lights Out 1-6 was released on: USA: 1 July 2013

What would cause the brake lights on a 1993 Ford F-250 to not light up until the pedal is almost to the floor?

most likely your brakelight switch is not adjusted correctly.

What are those lights called kids put in their mouth when thay are roller skating on the floor?

Those lights are glow lights. They are made of this die stuff. It is poisonous so...

What is causes a surplus price ceiling or price floor?

A price floor can cause a surplus while a price ceiling can cause a shortage but not always.

How do you turn the lights on high in a 1993 cutlass SUPREME?

Put the car in drive, unbuckle, and floor the gas pedal. The lights will turn on as needed.

Why does upstairs shake when walking?

If your house is wood framed with wood joists, the shaking may be caused by floor joists being too small. This will cause the floor to sink whenever a person walks across the room. Floor joists should be size by an experienced carpenter, architect, or engineer to prevent movement.Another cause of floor movement may be insufficient bracing between the floor joists. This will cause sagging and twisting of the joists.There are several solutions that require the skills carpenter. New joists can be added beside the existing joists to strengthen the floor. Another option is to add one or more beams and columns in the room below the floor. Or blocking can be added between existing joists to add support.

Can condensation cause floor to ceiling mold?


How do you know of the ocean floor?

cause we have been there?

Dome light and floor board lights in 94 ford probe won't go off?

The dome light and floor lights on a 94 Ford Probe will not go off if the door is open or the door sensor has not been tripped. The lights can be manually turned off but the sensor should be checked for defects.

What happens a lot if one bulb breaks in your Christmas lights?

Then you will have pieces of glass on the floor.

Swimming pool floor lighting?

The lighting installed in these swimming pools are normal flouresant light bulbs within waterproof cases. The installation is actual very difficult to do. It requires draining the pool, and making indentations into the pool floor to install these lights.

A price floor will cause a large surplus when demand is and supply is?

A price floor will cause a large surplus when the demand is low and the supply is high. The floor is the lowest point at which something can be sold without losing money.

Modern Floor Lamps for Newly Constructed Homes?

Newly constructed homes are often built without ceiling lights in some rooms or with limited ceiling lights. A modern floor lamp can be a necessity for an otherwise dark room in this type of home.

Do all ocean floor earthquakes cause tsunamis?


Why is your newly refinished hardwood floor showing cloudy spots?

There are several factors that can cause a newly refinished flow to show cloudy spots. They include moisture in the wood, using a poor quality brush, using a roller instead of a brush and over brushing the polyurethane on the floor.

How do i fix the lights in my 97 Cadillac Catera if they don't work?

What lights? dash? Floor? roof? trunk? a car has a lot of lights you know? Anyway just remove any parts in the way and replace the bulbs. Duh.

Why does one of your bitches scratch the floor when the other is on heat?

cause they want to get it out cause they want to get it out cause they want to get it out cause they want to get it out cause they want to get it out cause they want to get it out cause they want to get it out cause they want to get it out

What would cause leak on the floor in the bathroom when the faucets in it are turned on?

Leak on drain line above floor level

Why would a floor bend?

Most likely cause would be the floor has a moisture problem or the floor was not level when it was installed. There is always a chance if it is fairly new that it is defective.

What different types of commercial floor coating are there?

There are several different types of commercial floor coatings. They range from marble-chip to quartz.

What causes of slips and falls in garages?

Oil. coolant, or grease on the floor. Things like a floor jack, or jack stands that you can trip over. Tools laying on the floor that can cause a slip.Slippery, cluttered floors.

How many light bulbs are there in the Las Vegas casino lights?

9000000 light bulbss per floor

Where is the bright lights switch on 1963 impala?

On the upper left side of the drivers side floor pan.

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