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check vacume hoses replace any crack ones

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Q: What would cause an 86 4-runner to expell excessive gas out of the exhaust?
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Can a turbo cause excessive steam to pass out of the exhaust?

For steam to come out the exhaust you probably have a bad head gasket or a cracked head. If the turbo had an oil seal fail it would cause blue smoke to come out the exhaust.

What is the clanging noise coming from your 04 Toyota 4Runner?

There are several things that can cause a clanging noise on your 2004 Toyota. A loose exhaust pipe is the most common cause.

What would make the exhaust manifolds get cherry red on a 454 engine?

Excessive heat, but what would cause that I don't know.

Does excessive oil burning cause a car to produce blue exhaust?

yes. Though most call it black not blue.

What would cause excessive exhaust fumes from car when started?

valve guides or valve guide seals or piston rings. in colder weather?

What will cause a diesel engine exhaust temp too high?

Over loaded engine, excessive fuel injected, injection timing improper,

What would cause an EGR valve to burn up repeatedly in a Dodge Dakota?

excessive exhaust back pressure, possibly a failed catalytic converter

Can a bad heart cause excessive swetting?

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What causes excessive burping?

Excessive stomach acid can cause excessive burping. Drinking carbonated beverages such as soda and beer can also cause excessive burping.

Can a crack in a manifold cause excess noise?

it can cause excessive noise and excessive heat to electrical lines under the hood. It is also a place for CO gases to build up and find a way into the drivers compartment. Yes, a lot. In the exhaust manifold anyway. In the intake manifold it wouldn't run.

Does the pistons cause the car to smoke?

They help burn the fuel creating the exhaust smoke but if it's excessive, it's usually burning oil or running too rich.

What are symptoms of excessive piston to bore clearance?

excessive piston to bore clearance means that the gap (tollerance) between your piston and the sidewall of your cylinder/block is too large. usually will cause blow-by. the burning of oil, and dark exhaust smoke. also may cause the engine to have a weak compression stroke

What cause exhaust temperature high?

There are many things that could cause your exhaust temperature to be high. Your exhaust may be plugged for example.

Can holes in the exhaust manifold cause a car to throw a P0420 code?

Yes, A hole could cause the O2 sensor to see a lean condition and add excessive amounts of fuel. The excess fuel will damage the converter overtime and cause the code.

Can a bad exhaust gasket cause leak in exhaust?


What can cause exhaust smell inside a car?

Ur exhaust....

Can exhaust manifold leak cause you to burn oil?

can exhaust manifold leak cause you to burn oil

What could cause blue exhaust in an auto?

A customer's auto is producing blue exhaust. What could cause this

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Hemophilia causes excessive bleeding

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What would cause gas in the exhaust on a motorcycle?

Exhaust of an engine is a gas.

It is believed that excessive CO2 emissions will cause?

CO2 is carbon dioxide, and excessive CO2 is believed to cause Global Warming.

What is excessive stomach gas in babies mean?

Excessive gas can cause colic.

Will a bad valve cover gasket cause smoke from exhaust?

No, it will not cause smoke from the exhaust pipe. However the leaking oil can drip on the exhaust manifold where it will be burnt and smoke.

What would cause excessive carbon build up on exhaust valve in 2001 jgc 4.0?

Just make sure that the male cars do not ever get in touch with a female on the weekends. It could be catastrophic.