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What would cause an LS400 to accelerate very slowly run spuratic and not run at idle the check engine light comes on and the trac off light is lit and it smokes but no foul oder?


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2006-05-02 01:28:59
2006-05-02 01:28:59

My 94 ls 400 did the same thing. After several expensive parts replaced, I replaced the plugs and wires, and all acceleration/ sputtering/ smoking problems stopped. Hope this helps.


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Your car should not smoke when I accelerate. Maybe it caught fire because you dropped a cigarette. If my car smokes when I accelerate, it's because the piston rings are loose and oil is getting into the combustion chamber.

Because there is antifreeze int he system and it takes a while to burn through. Also replace the bottom hose too. <> If it smokes from under the hood, It has antifreeze on the engine exterior, You can wash it off. Or just drive it and it will burn off. If it smokes from the exhaust, There is engine damage.

That would require fixing / replaceing the VALVE SEALS in the heads.

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Wen you start the engine when old or when you accelerate hard, get someone to look at the back of the exhaust to see if there are blue smokes coming out or not. If you see smokes coming out, then you know engine is consuming quite a lot of oil because of cracked piston rings.etc. then you can either rebuild engine or get another one. If you don't see any smoke coming out, then it should be fine. because the motor is quite old, and it will consume some oil overtime. Either way, try using a thicker oil, it will reduce oil consumption. like 20W-50 or above.

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Need more info such as the year, engine size and what color smoke.

If it smokes all the time, the rings are worn. time for a motor. if it only smokes at startup, the seals on the valves are bad and need to be replaced. If it's high mileage, probably the engine. Sorry.

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