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It's possible that the idle speed is set to high or low. When you shift into drive, power is applied from the motor through the transmission to the CV axles. If the idle is set too high there will be too much power applied to a "stopped" car. If the idle is set too low, then when the car is put into drive, the RPMs will drop and the car will apply more gas to keep the engine from stalling.

Start your car and watch your tachometer. It will normally start off high (between 1-2k RPMs) then it should lower within a minute. Note the idle RPM. It should be around 1k RPMs (+/- 300 RPMs). If it's outside of that range or if the needle moves a lot, then there's something wrong. You can find the factory spec idle speed online if you look.

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Q: What would cause an automatic 95 Celica to Jerk forward when placing it in Drive?
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