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The year, make, model and engine info would help.

added to much oil If you added too much oil that can and will cause engine wear and damage. If you are loosing Oil it is either being burnt, or it is leaking. If it is burning oil it is normally caused by worn piston rings.

On the outside? nota lot. it will heat up and probibly burn off in hot areas of your engine and cause a little smoking in your engin bay. but the rist will mosty drip off, how much oil was it?

Generally this is going to be an indicator or a fuel problem, as the engine is sending too much raw fuel to the cat to burn. First things to check would be spark plugs or wires. Running with a cat burning red hot for long can cause the cat to fail, and in worse senarios even burn through the floorboard.

if you press the pedal to much that is what can cause the engine to flood

you will blow out the seals and that is not good to much oil is just as bad as not enough the crank could also beat the oil to a froth and cause oil starvation to the engine the bearings could burn up pdq

Adding too much oil will cause your engine to burn off the excessive oil which causes a lot of carbon buildup in your engine and a lot of blue smoke out your tailpipe. If the oil level is high enough, it can contact the crankshaft and foam up. If the oil foams it can damage the engine.

Too much current being applied or the wire not being a large enough (gauge), will cause wires to burn out.

Depending on the engine in a 172 they will burn from 6-10 gallons per hour

Too much oil in your car will not cause it to throw a rod. Too much oil in the engine will create a higher than normal engine pressure and can cause the engine seals to fail.

It's just the complement to fuel displacement. How much air the engine takes in affects how much fuel it can burn.

the 02 sencers are in the pipe, if there is a problem with them it would cause the check engine light to come on but the pipes themselves wouldn't

Someone who doesn't want to burn gasoline. A steam engine has the ability to use anything that will burn. Had the technology been applied to steam engines like it was to gasoline engines, we possibly would have some viable steam engine transportation today. Steam engines were less efficient than gasoline or diesel engines, that is why they are not used much today.

It should be OK if it isn't too much. The engine will probably burn it but it could poissibly cause the spark plug to foul and not fire; requiring one to remove it and clean it. It will not RUIN the engine.

too much fuel, excessive oil consumption

to much fuel is going to the engine for it to burn it all

It's not entirely clear how much "confusion" would be involved, since acid reflux is the cause of heartburn.

too much oil in the engine will cause of airation and will create too much pressure to your engine and will damage the headgasket.

Not enough oil in a vehicle will not cause the car to overheat but instead fail due to oil starvation. The engine is have to much friction occur on the internal components which will cause the engine to fail.

You would burn on Venus as it is nearer to the Sun than Earth is and is much hotter.

Yes,giving too much oranges can cause acid burn in a Guinea Pig.

Current can cause heating; too much current, and a circuit will burn out.

No, but a lot more oil can cause other damage.

1961 210 0470 engine would like to know the spectrum from flat out 155 knots to slow cruse 110 knots fule burn average at diffirent speeds laters thanks

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