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Flooring the gas petal.

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Q: What would cause an engine to idle and run at a very high rpm?
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What would cause the engine to idle very high and then it stalls out but if you give it some gas you can keep it running but again at a high idle?

Check the alternator.

What cause an engine to idle high?

A vacuum leak could cause that.

What would cause a 1996 Chevy Corsica to idle high then idle fine after turning the engine off and on again?

check the soleinoid

What causes high engine idle and surges in the 1989 Corvette?

The cause of high engine idle and surges in the 1989 Corvette is due to..Read More

What would cause a 1997 jeep 2.5 liter engine to idle high?

Look for an intake vacuum leak

What can cause the car to stall when running the ac?

An engine usually has a higher idle speed when the ac is running. If the high speed idle does not operate then the ac will cause the engine to stall.

What would cause 1998 Jeep Grand Cherokee to idle high and check engine light to come on?

most common cause, a vacuum leak.

What would make an engine idle high when clutch is depressed?

Engine vacuum leak.

What does the idle air valve control would it stop your truck from running at high idle?

No it will not. It only controlls the idle of the engine.

On a 1993 Saturn SC1 would the map sensor or idle sensor cause the engine to idle high 2500 to 4000 rpms?

Could be throttle plate stuck open Try to free it with screwdriver with engine off

2001 exp has high idle 1200rpm and overheats?

A bad camshaft can cause your engine to idle high and overheat. A fuel injector pump that needs to be adjusted can also cause the same problems.

Why does your 1997 kia sportage idle so high?

There are several things that can cause your 1997 Kia engine to idle too high. The most common cause is a malfunctioning fuel pressure regulator.

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