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What would cause an infrequent short loss of power while driving on freeway in a Saturn SL 1999?


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2005-04-08 15:46:13
2005-04-08 15:46:13

If this only happens once the engine has warmed up, chances are you have a bad ignition module. When this component goes bad, the electronics start malfunctioning once they get hot. This starts with intermittent misses at speed, just like the engine shut off for a fraction of a second or so. This will progress to a hot engine not starting until it cools down, and stalling at inappropriate times, such as when stopped at a red light. The vehicle will not start for 10-30 minutes. This problem will not set a computer trouble code, because it is not part of the emission system, It can cause a catalytic converter trouble code to set (P0420) if it is not repaired, because the raw gas going into the converter can cause it to fail, significantly increasing your repair bill. Or, it could be as simple as a bad coolant temperature sensor, or crankshaft position sensor. Normally these components will set a code and turn on the "Service engine soon" light. Since your light is not on, the first possibility is the most likely one. All three possibilities need to be checked out.


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