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It is probably a reaction to the metal. Change your stud.

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Q: What would cause blisters on both sides of a three-month old industrial piercing and how do you get rid of them?
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Can chlamydia cause blisters?

Chlamydia does not cause blisters. Herpes can cause blisters.

Can your face become paralyzed from an industrial piercing?

Done wrong, a piercing can definitely cause paralysis on the face... whether the piercing is ear, tongue, nose, etc.

What STD can cause blisters?

Herpes will cause blisters.

Will taking out an industrial piercing cause infection?

If the piercing is completely healed, no. If the piercing is still fresh/new, possibly. If you remove it, continue to clean & care for it as you would any other wound.

Can working out cause fever blisters?

Working out won't cause fever blisters.

Can trichomoniasis cause blisters?

Trichomoniasis can cause a rash with red spots and itching, but doesn't cause blisters.

Can you get hypertrophic scarring from twisting your industrial piercing?

Yep. Really, any type of movement can cause HT scarring

Is all blisters Herpes?

No not all blisters are herpes. Some are just water blisters from chaffing, some types of eczema can also cause blisters.

Cause and effect of body piercing?

Cause: You want a really good piercing. Effect: You go to a professional body piercing studio and get a piercing.

Does tongue piercing cause cancer?

No tongue piercing doesn't cause cancer.

Can scratching cause vaginal blisters?

Yes; irritation of the skin or lining can lead to blisters.

Can static electricity cause blisters?


Does belly button piercing cause nausea?

no It does not cause nausea because the piercing is not that intense!

Blisters from prosthetic leg?

Yes, from where the leg meets the stump if it is not fitted correctly in can cause blisters.

Will kumquats cause blisters?

Most certainly not.

Can athletes foot cause blisters?


How long does it take for an industrial to close up after a week of being pierced?

It can take up to 12 weeks for an Industrial piercing to close up. Possibly even longer, as long as you clean the area with salen solution it will heal up just fine, DO NOT turn, the piercing it will do that by daily wear. And DO NOT take the piercing out, the skin will grow back together very quickly and cause the punctures to close, meaning you just paid for a piercing, that is no good anymore.

What condition does body piercing cause?

Body Piercing do not cause any "condition" in a medical sense. The adornment of the body by piercing doesn't cause any adverse reaction or event in the body. Failure to look after a new piercing can lead to infections, and reactions when the piercing is incorrectly looked after.

What can cause blisters on your penis?

There are several reasons one could have blisters on the penis. It's not always genital warts.

Tiny white blisters tongue infants?

What would cause tiny white blisters and swollen lips on a baby?

Can boiling water on skin course scaring?

Yes. Skin contact with boiling water can cause swells and burns, with may turn into blisters, and the blisters can cause scaring.

Are all blisters on the vulva herpes?

No. Consult a practitioner. Whatever the cause of the blisters, you should have this looked at. By the way, the word is "vulva".

My little sister doesn't have strep throat however her glands are swollen and there are white blisters What could be the cause?

Where are these blisters located?

What can cause you to have blisters on your scalp?

There are several different things that can cause a person to have blisters on their scalp. The most likely explanation is that the person is severely allergic to some of the hair products they are using.

Can you tan with a nose piercing?

Yes you can tan with a nose piercing, but I wouldn't recommend it. It dry your piercing out and cause "crusties".