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What would cause brake lights to suddenly stop working on a 1992 Chevy Corsica when all other lights work fine?



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Need way more information..... remember I am not an electrician so please follow electrical safety guide lines for the following back up car to place that has glass so you can see in the drivers seat into rear view mirror that lights are not working when you press brake. 1. is lite working... put lite bulb in another socked you know is working and see if it lites up. if yes then issue is with original socket. If no then replace bulb 2. (from 1.) Socket is not working get ohm meter put on 24 volts DC and touch one wire from meter to one on socket housing and other one on meter to other wire on socket if you get a reading ( remember it.) then go to other socket and do same thing...you have just isolated the wire or the socket housing... if yes.. you have reading in one not other socket socket without reading has issue before socket housing if yes... you have reading in both socket housing then one or both housings need to be replaced If no reading at all check your fuses... look at the fuse box lid most cars have a diagram of which fuse goes to which area. pull out fuse for your rear lite and see if it is broken and needs replace ment. If broken then replace with same amp fuse, then are usually printed as to the amps right on it...now issue is when did it blow or brake...remember it and if it happens again get help, you may and an electrrical issue if bulb is working, socket is working wiring is working and fuse is not broken you have an indepth issue get an auto electrician to help you... good luck, gig1