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What would cause complete electrical system to shut down?

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I have a 99 Grand Am with the exact problem. I was told it was the "modulator" which costs like a thousand bucks to fix. Because it is electrical I wouldn't recommend you trying to repair it yourself! Good luck

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What would cause a 1999 Chrysler 300m to lose electrical power after changing the stater?

a disconnected wire or a bad resister in the electrical system it happened to mine

What would cause starter relay fuse to blow when trying to start 1997 expedition?

An Electrical Short Cut somewhere would cause it to blow the fuse. A pinch wire would ground the system, and cause a shortcut.

Would a defector alternator on a 1994 Lincoln MK VIII cause entire electrical system and engine shutdown?

it could do

What cause the pace maker to stop?

The main cause of a pacemaker to stop working is the battery going dead. Another cause would be a malfunction within the electrical system. These 2 causes are very, very rare.

What would cause the Ac in 2002 towncountry to quit working?

There are many things that can cause this but first check to make sure that the system has freon, if not then you will have a leak (most common places are the evaporator and compressor). If you do have freon then check the electrical system out for the a/c system starting with the pressure switches.........

How the museum electrical system would work if an electrical blackout happen?

Back up generators

If you have a two year electrical technology diploma how long would it take to complete an electrical engineering degree?

1 year hopefully

What would cause the navigation system to stop working in a 2007 Mitsubishi endeavor?

what would cause my navigation system to quit

What will be the effect if the conduit is not fully fitted to the coupling?

You would not have a full metallic conduit system. A complete system is needed to make an electrical bond for the whole electrical system. In older conduit systems before a code change the metallic system was used to carry any fault currents back to the distribution to trip the breaker. Any break in the conduit system would prevent this from happening and hence the electrical code change.

How long would it take to complete just cause 2?

it took me 12 hours to complete

What would cause the electrical power to fade in and out while driving?

the voltage regulator

Does a PC have a built-in cooling system?

yes. in all pcs. if it didn't, then the computer would be destroyed and may cause a risk of electrical shock. (i really don't know)

What would cause a car with a new battery to have no power?

The charging system may be faulty or you may have a parasitic draw. Its also possible that you have a loose connection, or you have an electrical and/or computer problem.

How could lightning effect a trip in a blimp?

A lightning strike could cause the electrical system to short out - making the engines stop. The blimp would then have to make a 'controlled landing'

What would cause all the fuses in your 1997 Mazda 626 to blow?

A short circuit either in your wiring system or electrical panel could cause your fuses to blow. Most likely, it would be caused by a burned out wire which is frayed and touching a piece of metal in your vehicle.

What are the causes of respiratory system?

The "cause" of the respiratory system would be evolution.

Would cause high resistance in a closed electrical circuit?

corroded/dirty connections

What would cause a bad main relay to trigger the check engine light on a 94 Accord EX?

The main relay will give an check engine light to indicate that the electrical system is bad.

Will vibrations from your sub help blow a fuse in your amp?

Blowing fuse versus vibrationNO, vibration would not be the cause.The cause for fuses to "blow" is the flow of electrical current in excess of the capability of the wire to carry.Fuses are designed, manufactured, and installed to protect the wire from over-current conditions which could cause the wire to melt its insulation an cause a fire.Some ignorant people will suggest installing a larger fuse, but that will not solve the problem, AND...Can cause serious damage to any electrical equipment on the circuit, and..In a "worst case" situation, cause a fire which can destroythe entire electrical system, and possibly your vehicle.

Would a faulty alternator or electrical system cause a car battery to explode?

Yes, If the system is over charging because the regulator is bad in the alternator. Other things will cause problems as well. Bad grounds, corrosion, loose connections, name a few. get the system tested and get it fixed. Solve the problem now before it becomes something worse.

Can you add an extra battery for your game system in your car?

Of course you can. But it would have to be on a dedicated circuit and not be connected to the cars electrical system.

Why would all the electrical system stop at once on ford explorer?

dead battery

What would cause an electrical problem after replacing the starter?

Something was done incorrectly. Retrace the repair.

What would cause the electrical gauges on a Chevrolet Malibu to become unresponsive when the vehicle is running?

The coldness

What would cause no electrical power in a 1989 Ford E 150 with a new battery?

Not connecting it