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What would cause dark green surface ground mold when it rains?

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I'm not sure it's mold you're looking at. You said "ground mold," and you also said it's green. Those two characterizations don't jibe with mold. Are you sure it's not ground moss or algae? Moss grows in shady, damp areas of your lawn or garden, right on top of the soil. It usually requires soil that is slightly acidic. In fact, some people give up trying to grow turf-type grasses in heavily treed, damp areas and foster moss growth instead by applying weak acids to the sol. It can be, surprisingly, very attractive. Japanese moss gardens are the pinnacle of the art form. Algae, on the other hand, usually grows on concrete and wood patios and decks wherever standing water is allowed to exist and wherever poor ventilation and slow evaporation leave surfaces damp. You could use a power washer to clean the algae, or you could dilute some bleach in water and apply it with a scrub brush. It might take a day or two to see results, however. *I live in Tennessee and dark green mold is common here. Mold must have a dark or shady and damp environment to grow. Bleach will kill it. Or just scrape it off with a knife. A dehumidifier will help keep it from coming back, but I dont know if you would need one in Arizona, or if they even sell them in Arizona. You might get a better answer if you ask this question in the Biology section.

2006-08-03 18:27:19
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What is cause and effect relationships?

A cause and effect relationship is one thing happening because of another. An example of a cause and effect relationship is the ground being wet after it rains. The cause is the rain and the effect is the ground being wet. The ground is wet because it rained.

What is a small body of water on the ground after it rains?

A puddle is a small body of water on the ground after it rains.

How do marine worms breath underwater?

worms can live for weeks in water. They do not leave the ground because they will drown when it rains, they surface because it is moist. Worms breath through skin, but it needs to be moist and cool or their skin will dry out. They surface when it rains because its safer for them to travel above ground at tht time.

Water soaks into the ground?

it rains

When it rains were does the water go?

on the ground!

Where do centipeds live?

Centipeds live under rotten leaves which falls off from trees.When it rains, the ground which is green in colour,CENTIPEDS LIVE THERE.

Why do earthworms come to the surface ofthe soil after it rains?

They come to the surface after it rains because the boogy man, who was buried under the earth in 1292 b.c. comes to life when it rains and the worms are terrified of him so the crawl to the surface to escape his wrath.

Where does ground water go when it rains?

Water in the ground goes to the river(near)

Does excessive rains cause droughts?

No, they cause floods

How is a Rainbow Visible?

After it rains the sun starts shining on the wet ground making colors form in the air that is red, orange, yellow, green, indigo and violet.

What do worms do for air when it rains?

Get to higher ground or drown.

What are the little shrimp that come out of the ground when it rains?

They are crayfish...

How does water enter the groundwater?

Whenever it rains on the ground.

A small body of water on the ground after it rains?

It is a puddle

What can heavy rains cause?


What do worms do when it rains?

They come out of their burrows and try to find higher ground. Many drown when it rains really hard.

Is a duck green if it rains purple on Sunday?

what type of question is that? but a green duck problay wouldn't be green.

Why do earthworms crawl to the surface when it rains?

So they don't drown

When is water moved from the atmosphere to earth's surface?

When it rains or snows.

How does water get beneath earth's surface after it rains?

Water table

What is the common cause of mudflows?

heavy rains

Why you feel warm before it rains?

Cause it does

What is the meaning of 'saturated'?

Like when it rains and the ground soaks up all the water then the ground is saturated.

Why do plants turn green when it rains?

To help make food

Why do earthworms come to the surface after a heavy rain?

Earthworms lack lungs and rely on oxygen diffusing through their skin to "breathe" When it rains the ground fills with water and keeps oxygen from getting down to the earthworms, so they come to the surface to get to the oxygen that they need.