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I would suspect over voltage as to the reasons why fuel injectors would burn out.

The pulse that opens the injectors comes from the engine control module so I would check that along with associated wiring. Check the wiring for shorts to other wires.

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What will cause a 1990 Celebrity to stall right after start?

I had a 1987 Chevy Celebrity that would start and then immediately die. It turned out to be bad fuel injectors. I replaced three fuel injectors and the problem has not returned.

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What would cause a 1992 Geo to leak fuel leak at the injectors?

Either the "O" rings are bad where the injectors go into the cylinder head or the electrical connector on the injector is leaking.

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What would cause a single cylinder missfire even after plugs coil pack injectors.?

Wiring and internal engine problems can cause misfires.

What would cause a diesel engine to bog down during acceleration?


What would cause expedition to hesitate when you push on the gas?

Bad fuel filter or clogged fuel injectors

What would cause my 1990 Volvo 240 not to start in the heat but it will start in the cold?

Starter drag? Injectors leaking - vapor lock? Starter drag? Injectors leaking - vapor lock?

What would cause a Chevrolet Celebrity to shut off when trying to start it?

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What would cause my Mazda 6 6 cylinder to hesitate on acceleration?

Dirty fuel injectors or spark plugs

What would cause a car to putter when pressing down on the accelartor?

you may have water in you gas and your injectors may be clogged.

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What do you do if a 1996 Camaro V6 is misfiring and a diagnostic said it was the fuel injectors but you already had them cleaned?

the injectors are prlly bad just cause you clean them dont make them good so i would get new ones

What would cause tbi injectors to stay open and spray fuel but not pulse?

A bad ingnition module, Are a bad computer.

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What would cause a headlight to keep burning out on a 1994 Ford Thunderbird?

A potential cause of bulbs burning out in cars is a dirty or corroded bulb socket, or a bad wire connections at the socket.

Does a bad camshaft sensor cause burning smell?

This would depend on your nose. A bad CMP sensor may cause improper burning of the fuel and can give a smell out the tailpipe. Will the CMP smell? Never. A Ford camshaft syncronizer will squeek and could cause a metallic burning smell.

What would cause a wire burning smell in a 1994 Ford Taurus GL when the engine will turn over but won't start?

The starter is burning.

What would cause a burning smell and humming sound in the alternator in a 1989 z24?

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