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I own a 1997 Plymouth neon and i work part time at a gas station. Normally the neons don't splash back, but for lots of vehicles it is normal. for instance the new Chrysler sebrings they splash back something fierce, that is normal. it all has to do with the way the line running to the tank and the tank are set up.

My 95 neon splashes back too when the tank is low or near empty. I jus figure its cuz all that gas rushing into an empty tank all at once causes a big wave that comes back at ya. Pump it slow to begin with and it wont splash.

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What would be the cause of a 1997 Plymouth Grand Voyager to die after shifting it into gear?

A transmission that is sticking would cause a 1997 Plymouth Grand Voyager to die after shifting it into gear. A problem with the ignition system could also cause this.

What would cause loss of oil pressure in a 1985 Plymouth Voyager?

worn crankshaft bearings

What property causes water to splash?

Water can splash because of its state of matter! its a liquid! most liquid would splash.

What would cause the odometer and tachometer on a 1997 Plymouth Breeze to only work occasionally?

A failed instrument cluster.

What would cause wiper blades to collide on a 2000 Plymouth voyager van?

Bent or misinstalled wiper arms.

What would cause a Plymouth acclaim to slow down when you give it gas?

I know that whenever I get gas - I SLOW DOWN!

What would cause 91 Geo Tracker to quit running after fueling It is sparking and changed fuel filter Fuel pump is also working?

could be the computer causing the pump not to run

What would cause my Plymouth acclaims engine to shut off?

Mine was doing the same thing. Changing the coil took care of it.

Would a bad water pump cause coolant to leak from the front of the motor on a 2.4l plymouth breeze?

It could.It could.

Is there a ferry from Cork to Plymouth?

No, there is no ferry from Cork to Plymouth. Swansea would be the nearest.

What would cause the fuel gauge to stop working on a 1996 Plymouth Breeze?

bad or dirty float on the fuel pump in the gas tank.

What would cause a 2000 Plymouth Neon to overheat when you have replaced the thermostat twice and the sending unit?

Water pump not pumping or a pluged radiater

98 Plymouth grand voyage se what would cause the distributor rotor not to turn?

timing belt broken...replacement $800 in shop

What would cause a horrendous noise similar to a lawn mower with the check engine light on in a 2000 Plymouth Voyager?

Broken or rusted out exhaust system.

Why would a 2000 Plymouth breeze crank and not turn over?

Have you checked for fuel and spark? Camshaft sensor and or crank sensor will cause that problem as well!

What would cause a Plymouth Voyager to chug and lose power?

Plugged air or fuel filter Plugged catalytic converter Loose timing chain

What would cause the passenger rear tire to lock up on a 98 Plymouth Grand Voyager?

It could be bad brakes or bad wheel bearing.

Why would a 97 Plymouth speedometer work only intermittently?

It is possible that the speedometer on a 1997 Plymouth will only work intermittently because the gear is worn out. Sometimes dirt can get up into the area where the speedometer cable is housed and cause excessive wear to the gear.

What would cause 1994 Plymouth voyager 3.3 liter not to shift while driving?

The computer detected a malfunction, set a code, and went into limp mode.

What would cause water in toilet bowl to splash when flushed?

My g/f has this happen to her regularly and, it was only when I asked that she said she usually flushes once to get the flush working and then immediately after to make certain the toilet flushes everything away. She said that if a toilet has good pressure, it will often splash out when she flushes.

What would cause a transmission leak after having CV axles replaced on a '91 Plymouth Colt?

The seal lips, in the transmission have been ripped - if the oil coming from there - seals would have to be replaced.

Why would the oil and battery light come on and the steering become very stiff while driving a Plymouth Grand Voyager in a major storm?

water will splash on the belts [power steering, alternator, etc.], causing them to slip, as if greasy, not turning the pulleys. get new belts.

What would cause the power outlets to stop working on a 1999 Plymouth Grand Voyager and how do you fix it?

You either have Faulty outlets, in which case you would need to replace and refuse, or your fuses are burnt, and need to be replaced.

What would cause a serpantine belt to keep coming off the pulleys on a 92 3.3 liter Plymouth engine?

Had that same problem on my 93 the tensioner wore out. had to have it replaced.

How long is splash mountain?

I would say about 3-5 minutes.

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