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what would cause heavy clotting during a period and bleed for two months straight

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Is it normal to be on your period for two months straight?


Can you spot for 5 days straight and be pregnant?

yes. just like many women still have thier period during pregnancy. like me i had my period the first 3 months

What does it mean when your period comes late 2 months straight?


Does blood clotting during your period mean a miscarriage or can you still be pregnant?

Go and see your doctor or midwife

What could it be if your clotting a lot during your period?

That's normal. It's the pieces of the uterus lining coming out.

Can you get your period every day for four months straight?

see your doctor if that happens....

Is clotting normal during your period?

Most women pass some clots. If your period has a lot of clots, you should see your doctor, there are things they can do to help you.

What causes blood clonts during periods?

During periods, blood clots can be caused by the body not being able to release anticoagulants quick enough to prevent the blood from clotting. Some clotting is normal during a period and mostly occurs on the heaviest days.

Can you have your period during childbirth?

No it will not return about 2 months after.

Could you be pregnant if you still have what seems like a cycle minus the usual clotting and you have had a negative hpt and you have type 2 diabetes?

Hi, No this isn't pregnancy related. Sometimes you may experience clotting during your period and other time you may have no clotting.

Can you have a period for 5 months straight and be pregnant?

no!! ---- You most likely were not pregnant during those months where you had normal periods. That does not preclude you from being pregnant now, however. If you are concerned that you are pregnant, take a pregnancy test and find out for sure.

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Is it possible to have your period for a whole month straight and with large blood clots?

It is not normal to have periods for over a month with clotting..this is an indication of a pathology. Seek medical advice asap

Is it common for your stomach to cramp for 2 weeks straight and not have a period for about 3 months?

No, its not. Go see your doctor.

Which months does mars appear to experience during that time period?


Can a cortisone shot make your period late?

yes cortisone shots can make you skip your period, and it can take up to 2 months for them to get straight again.

Why would a 23 yr old have her period for almost 3 months straight?

Hormonal imbalanace. See your doctor

Does brown discharge and clotting before your period a sign of cancer?


Can you be pregnant and have a bloody clotting period?

if you know you're pregnant and you're having a bloody clotting period you should really go to your dr. exspecially if its really heavy it could be a miscarriage.

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What is clotting during a menstrual period?

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