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you may have a cracked hose ***Your cooling system generally runs significantly hotter when the Air Conditioning is running. This is due to the extra heat produced by the A/C condenser located just in front of the radiator. You most likely have a defective radiator or cap, or a very small leak in your cooling system. The increased heat from the A/C causes increased pressure in the cooling system, and the leak becomes more evident.

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Antifreeze keeps running out?

Antifreeze could be running out often due to a leak. It is important to inspect the radiator for small cracks or smoke.

Does antifreeze get hot when the motor is running?


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Do you keep your car running when adding antifreeze?

( NO ) with the engine cool

Antifreeze leaks out when you pour into radiator?

Find where it is running out and repair the cause.

Can you add antifreeze to your radiator which has been running on water only?

yes you can?

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Can running out of antifreeze ruin an engine?

antifreeze does two things. It keeps the water in the radiator from freezing in the winter, and helps prevent if from boiling over and evaporating in the summer. You can run your vehicle with water alone in moderate temperatures and it will do the job. But, if you mean by "running out of antifreeze" you mean there is no liquid in the radiator, then yes, your vehicle can overheat and ruin the engine.

Where do you put antifreeze in a Chevy Astro van?

directly in the radiator while the van is running

How your car will react running without antifreeze?

It will overheat, unless you can successfully air cool it.

Are there any problems running a cars air conditioning 6 hours or longer?


Should the engine be cool or running when adding antifreeze?

Your engine should be cold ( to be on the safe side) when adding antifreeze/coolant. i let the car sit overnight and then add it.

How can you tell if the antifreeze leak under the hood of a 1991 Crown Victoria is the water pump or something else?

if you find puddles of antifreeze around the water pump or while the engine is running,if you feel spits coming off the belt while its running.

Do the return vents attached to furnace need to be closed when air conditioning is running?

Not really, there's not much airflow when the furnace is not running.

Why does ford freestyle air conditioning only work when the car is running?

because the compressor must be running to circulate the refrigerant in the system

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Honda odyssey loses power to air conditioning?

It is normal for a vehicle, including the Honda Odyssey, to lose some power when the air conditioning is running. This is because there are more devices running off the operation of the serpentine belt. If the vehicle stalls or shuts off, it might be a problem with the alternator or the air conditioning unit.

Why does antifreeze leak from the crank wheel at bottom of 1989 dodge caravan?

antifreeze is more likely to be leaking from the water pump and running down where it appears to leaking from crank pulley

Should you turn off your vents in your basement when using your dehumidifer with your air conditioning running in the house?

No. While in air conditioning mode, the air will assist in the dehumidification.

Does the car need to be running when adding antifreeze?

No , it's best to add coolant when the engine is cold

Can a motor run with a missing freeze plug?

Running it without a freeze plug it will run but can and will cause permenant damage to the engine to to the amount of antifreeze you will lose Running it without a freeze plug it will run but can and will cause permenant damage to the engine to to the amount of antifreeze you will lose

How do you flush and refill antifreeze on 2002 Yukon?

=To properly flush the antifreeze on a 2002 Yukon you will need a antifreeze vacume system you will need to start the car and have it running turn on all the heating modules to high and have the car reved at about 1.5 r.p.m, or a little higher to activate the vaccume this will start sucking the old antifreeze out. When the radiator is empty{you will know when it is empty because there will be no more antifreeze coming out}you can then fill it up with half and half antifreeze[half water half antifreeze].=

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Why does the inside of my car smell like antifreeze but there are no leaks and is not running hot?

i believe your heater core has died

Can a mechanic recharge air conditioning without the compressor running?

yes but if the compressor does not work there is no reason for it.