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recent problem found on a 97' Buick la Sabre 3800 ser II pcv valve was missing. the intake was replaced with a aftermarket upgarde. note a stuck pcv will also cause this problem as well as a vaccume leak in the lower intake gaskets (port to crank case) back to the pcv .. the pcv is located on the passanger side upper pletum (intake) in a twist lock cap with a manifold psi sensor on the top of it. to check the pcv valve remove it and shake it.. ir should rattle if not replace it for that matter for the price replace it any way note the o-ring on the bottom of the pcv valve it dose not come with a new valve match the size and diamiter any o ring will work.

this car came into my shop for what sounded like a serpentine belt squill. but infact what was happing was the engine was under serveir vaccume and was causing the rear main seal to go dry and suck vaccume past the lip seal. dry seal and engine rotation was the noise.. i you out and maby others also.. no spam please only questions

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Q: What would cause negative pressure or vacuum in the crankcase located on a 1998 Buick LeSabre?
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