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What would cause only the left low beam on a 1993 Pathfinder to go from 12 v without the bulb to 0 volts with it?

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2007-03-05 07:42:05
2007-03-05 07:42:05

I don['t know exactly what you are doing but check the ground of that light. The ground is good since the high beam works and it was checked. I looked for a relay and could not find one. From on-line research, the headlight switch may be the problem. For now I performed by-pass surgery - hooked the low beam from the left to the right and now it works fine. Now to see if the circuit can handle the load. It sounds to me that you have a (what is called in the field) "dead short". I suggest that you check you connection for the ground wire. If you have cross-wired it then it may come back to haunt you in the future causing you much more grief then you want. If you suspect it's the head light switch then why does it work when you cross-wire it. If it was the headlight switch then it would NOT work at all on either side because the headlight switch does NOT have a left and right side. LOL. Again I suggest that you check your Ground.... i may be mistaken but arent the low beams connected from side to side anyway, just make sure the wire you used is heavy gauge... you should be fine.

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No. The current is more important for safety then the voltage. If you have 1 amp @400 volts it would cause less harm them 2 amps @ 220 volts

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10 volts applied to 5 ohms would cause a current flow of 2 amperes. Current = voltage divided by resistance.

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