What would cause pain in the lower left quadrant of my abdomen?

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December 09, 2009 2:17AM

Pain in the lower left quadrant of the abdomen can be suggestive of any number of things. While this pain may be benign, it may also represent a serious underlying condition. Only a physician can properly -- responsibly and accurately -- determine source of this pain. Please see one soon to address this problem.

their is alot of differential diagnosis because of no history,physical or laboratory examination.ddx according to location of different parts is as followed

  • skin and abdominal wall.herpes zoster,cellulitis,contusion,inguinal and femoral hernias
  • small intestine.regional ielitis,intussuception,adhesion,volvulus,other condition related to intestinal obstruction
  • sigmoid colon.diverticulitis,ischemic colitis,mesenteric adenitis and infarction,granulomatous colitis,carcinoma of sigmoid colon
  • ureters.ureteral calculus.papilloma.ureteritis
  • overy and fallopian tubes.mumps oophoritis,ovarian cyst that twist on their pedical and repture,small graffian follicles of normal cycle that rupture and induce pain,ectopic pregnancy,salphigitis,endometeriosis
  • aorta.dissecting aneurysm,emboli of terminal aorta
  • pelvis and spine.osteoarthritis,a rupture disc,metastatic carcinoma,pott disease,rheumatoid,spodylitis
  • others.refered pain of the bladder,prostate,uterus,pneumonia,pleurisy,mi