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THE RED BUMPS MIGHT BE FROM THE BODY HEALING THE TATOO. AND OR MAYBE YOUR TATOO ARTISTS HAD A HEAVY HAND AND DUG HARDER WITH THE TATTOO GUN. GET SOME A&D OINMENT AND KEEP IT WELL MOISTURIZED Red bumps have nothing to do with how the tattoo artist applies the tattoo, but more likely indicates that you are allergic to something you are putting on your tattoo. That is very common to happen if you are using neosporin or polysporin ointments. stop using any type of ointments because they can clog your pores and also cause bumps to form, switch to a light hand cream instead. something that is unscented and for sensitive skin is better. try to avoid any moisturizers with lanolin. if your tattoo feels dry, it needs some moisturizer, if it feels fine, leave it alone. too much moisturizer can also be bad. If you are concerned, see your doctor or a dermatologist. they can prescribe you proper medication to treat an allergic reaction.

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Q: What would cause red bumps around a new tattoo?
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