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Vacuum leak, bad plugs or plug wires are possibilities. Bad MAF sensor- Get new one NOW !

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Q: What would cause rough idle on a 2003 ford ranger XLT 3.0 5speed man trans 40000 mi?
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Why does your ranger have a rough idle?

The most probable cause is it requires servicing.

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What would cause your 1990 300zx idle rough?

my 1990 300zx is idling rough what could cause this?

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What would cause a 96 ford ranger to run rough and the catalytic converter to get red hot when the truck reaches op temp?

Clogged converter, running too rich or a misfiring plug.

What causes your 3.0 v6 ranger to run rough It accelerates and then dies?

it may be getting too much fuel and not enough air. this would cause it to run rich. it may be getting too much fuel and not enough air. this would cause it to run rich.

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Ford ranger idles rough and there are no codes that show?

Run a compression test to verify the condition of the engine.

Your ford ranger runs rough and you have engine codes po174 and po171 please help?

leaking intake gaskets...

1993 subaru legacy rough idle- what could be causing it?

If an alternator is going bad it can cause a rough idle in a 1993 Subaru Legacy. Cold temperatures in the winter can also cause a rough idle in the Subaru Legacy.

What could cause your car to idol high and run rough?

A vacuum leak can cause that.

What would cause a 1993 Nissan 300zx rough idling.?

There are several things that can cause your 1993 Nissan 300 to idle rough. The most common cause is dirty spark plugs. Bad spark plug wires can also cause the problem.

What would cause a rough idle on a 1993 ford ranger 3.0?

A bad fule system or dirty. SILK( gas treatment) and change you fule fileter. U probably been driving on empty alot due to our shittt ecomony

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What may cause a 1996 Ford Escort LX to idle rough and that has stalled a few times while reversing?

The most common cause of a 1996 Ford Escort to idle rough is bad spark plugs or bad spark plug wires. A plugged air filter will also cause it to idle rough.

Will a bad fuel cap cause your car to run rough or die?

A bad fuel cap can make your check engine light go on. It shouldn't cause your car to run rough or die.

My 1997 ford ranger runs rough and will not accelerate until it warms up real good?

u have a cylnder low on compresson

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Will a intake gasket leak cause misfire and rough idle?

yes it can