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What would cause smoke from the side of the radiator?


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2004-03-23 19:38:09
2004-03-23 19:38:09

It is very doubtful that it is smoke. It is most likely steam. Either there is a pinhole leak in the radiator allowing hot coolant to escape that then vaporizes into steam when it hits the atmosphere... or there is something spilled on the radiator that steams when the radiator gets hot. Have the radiator pressure tested for leaks.


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The Radiator fan relay has probably failed. It is bolted to the lower side support next to the radiator.

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I think they call it side smoke, cause most of the smoke goes through the cigarette into your mouth. So, what little smoke comes out the end I think is side smoke

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there is no real radiator cap. On the left side of engine compartment there is a coolant jug. This where you would add coolant to radiator.

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The radiator drain plug on a 1988 Honda Accord LX is located on the lower right side of the radiator. If facing the vehicle from the front, it would be on the driver's side of the radiator. To drain easily, loosen the radiator cap after opening the drain plug.

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