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What would cause some dashboard lights to work but not others?

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Replace the light bulbs that are burned out, usually from the back side of the instrument cluster.

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Some cars have a knob for the headlights. If this knob is turned left or right when pulled out, it changes the brightness of the dashboard lights from off to full brightness.

A blown fuse can make your dashboard lights to not work in your 1993 Chevy Blazer Tahoe. A burned out bulb can also cause this.

The fuse box is on the right side of dashboard when door is open, tail light fuse will cause tail and dash lights to go out.

The fuse probably blew that controls the dashboard lights.

Electronics FailureMost likely you have a short somewhere in the dashboard electronics and the bad part is you will probably never find it.

Check fuses? Could be a bad headlight switch/ Could be an open in dimmer rheostat?

All my dashboard lights won't work on my 2000 Holden Vectra. Cigarette lighter, stereo, speedo, heater control lights and gear selection lights are all in the dark. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

first thing i would check would be all the fuses. then the light switch

Tail-lights and dashboard lights are on the same switch on the dashboard and on the same fuse. Check the fuse and if that's not it check the switch. Check the fuse underneath the hood. There are some main fuses underneath the hood. I had the same problem on my Chevy P-U when I lowered my boat into the lake, it blew the fuse underneath the hood and I had no tail or dash lights.

What would cause your fuse to blow when you turn on your lights on your 1993 mazda 323 the fuse to the tail lights on dash lights blow?

The bulb is burnt out. If the problem was a fuse, then all brake lights and probably the dashboard lights would be out as well.

There are many dashboard warning lights on the dash of a Mercedes Benz's. It would depend which is lit up, most show or say what they are for. If one does not take it by the dealership, mechanic, or some auto part stores to find out what it is requesting.

The dash light dimmer switch is turned off or broken.

Lights at home are connected in parallel. (Switches are connected in series with the lights in order to turn them on and off.) This way, each light receives the same voltage. Placing the lights in series would divide the voltage between the lights, reducing the power of each, and it would have the effect that one light burning out would cause all the others on the same circuit to stop working.

one half of my 1992 toyota camery dash lites dont work? Fuses, connections, bulbs... For bulb lookup see sources and related links below.

warning lights on dash mean something is wrong u would have a generator light a temp , and an oil light