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It got irritated somehow. Keep it clean and avoid intercourse for a week. If it doesn't get any better by then, or gets worse, go see your OB/GYN immediately.

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Q: What would cause swelling in your vagina only on the right side?
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What would cause fluid like swelling on back of head?

A blow to the head would cause swelling.

What would cause swelling on the right side of your abdomen?

Swelling on the right side of your abdomen can be caused by many things, some harmful, some not. Seeing a doctor can rule out tumors and serious health problems. It could also just be a cyst or constipation.

What might cause a throbbing pain in the lower right base of the skull It feels tight when I turn my head to the right side where the throbbing occurs.There is no swelling involved at this time.?

What would cause a head pain when my head it more so turned to the right than the left?

What happen if male urine forced in vagina?

She would feel her lower belly swelling up with warm fluid. It will immediately come out after you pull out.

Could an allergic reaction to surgical pins cause my wound to become infected?

Allergies and infections are two entirely different things. An allergy would cause redness, irritation, itching and swelling. An infection is caused by bacteria and would cause swelling, redness, heat and pus.

What would cause the vagina to become swollen sensitive and itchy?

A yeast infection.

What would be a cause of black discharge and swelling in a child's eye?

Not sure but would seek medical attention Immediately!!

What is the disease that makes your neck swell?

There are many conditions that would cause cervical swelling, but one that immediately comes to mind is goiter, or swelling of the thyroid gland.

Can you get pregnant if a guy ejaculate his sperm near your vagina but you still a virgin?

The sperm would have to enter inside of the vagina. So ejaculating near it alone would not cause pregnancy.

Can A bladder Infection cause swelling in legz?

It usually would not do this unless it affects kidney function.

What would cause peeling around vagina and rectum?

left over dirt. skank.

What would cause swelling of legs incontinence and high blood pressure?

I would be worried about cardiovascular disease or kidney failure.

Will arthritis cause swelling?

Arthritis is medically speaking, inflammation (swelling) of the joints.many forms of arthritis can cause inflammation and swelling at some time and many have their origin in inflammation. You would be more accurate in saying that arthritis is often accompanied by swelling or inflammation , however this is not always the case. It depends on the form of arthritis and at other times the stage it is at.

You have swelling of veins in your right leg groin reason for it and its remedy?

I would just smile and be grateful

Why would your right leg swell?

Swelling can be caused by a blood clot, best to go to the doc...

What would cause severe swelling in both feet and legs with stomach bloating?

Minimal change disease.

Are the ovaries located above or below the vagina?

The ovaries would be located above the vagina. In fact, they should be above the pelvis or right at the top of it. The uterus is above the vagina, and the ovaries are above the uterus.

What would happen if germ x is put on your vagina?

It will really burn and may cause irritation.

How do you reduce swelling in ankles?

You need to find the cause of your swelling. There are some serious issues that are relating to this, and you would need to mention other symptoms for accurate diagnosis. Swelling in the ankles and feet is often the result of chronic heart problems.

Can you piss inside the vagina?

Is it physically possible? Yes... However this would cause infection. I wouldn't suggest it.

What would cause involuntary movement of index finger and wrist pain and swelling?

Carpal tunnel syndrome, injury to wrist

Why would strep throat cause urine in blood and swelling of the face and hands?

This can lead to acute glomerulonephritis in some patients.

Does anti-inflammatories cause weight gain?

No. It reduces swelling so I wouldn't think it would effect weight.

How do you ask for a vagina from a girl?

why would you do that? unless you have a detachable gentital nobody could do that yeah dont cause that would make you a freaky jerk

Can wearing an Tampax during a period make you sneeze a lot?

No, it would not cause that. It is in your vagina, not nose. Therefore, it would not affect whether you sneeze or not.