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there are several causes to the air pump. the first and most obvious is the air pump (compressor) itself. if you do not hear the compressor pumping air or if you do not feel the slight vibration of the compressor when you put your car into drive, then it's probably the compressor that has gone bad. if the compressor is coming on and you do not hear any air leaking, then your problem could be the height adjuster, located on the suspension bags themselves. Bronconvict: another possibility includes the compressor relay switch. This switch controlls the power to the air bag suspension compressor. This switch is known for burning out when the suspension compressor is working too hard. This can also be caused by a bad/corroded GEM module (due to notorious winshield leak). i had to replace "height sensor" on driver side . part was $200.

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Q: What would cause the air suspension on a 2003 Lincoln navigator not to work?
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What would cause a 2004 Lincoln Navigator to hesitate and stall?

Not using premium fuel caused that in my 2004 Navigator.

What would cause a Lincoln Navigator to start then die?

It could be one of your vaccum lines that collapsed

Which one would be better for a road trip from LA to Miami Cadillac Escalade or Lincoln Navigator?

lincoln navigator

What would cause turn signals not to work in Lincoln navigator hazards work fuse not blown.?

Turn signal flasher module?

Where is the heater core in a 2003 Lincoln Navigator?

hellow just wonderin if you guys know where would be the heater core on my 2003 Lincoln navigator

What causes body sway on 2004 Lincoln navigator at highway speeds my navigator seems to sway over small bumps... the cabin actually rocks back and forth. there are no leaks in the air suspension?

i"m not sure if a Lincoln navigator would have a sway bar, But my sway bar broke in my Chevy celebrity once and the whole car would rock side to side after turns and such. it's a bar by the rear axle and mine literally broke in two.

What would cause the brake pedal to be hard and still no brake lights on a 2006 Lincoln navigator?

brake switch located on the top of the brake pedal

What would cause the air suspension on a 1998 Lincoln Navigator not to work?

there can be many different problems but it could be a bad relay switch to check it get on the floor on the passenger side and check to see if the air suspension relay switch is on, try that for now, usually if someone uses a jack to raise the car and the tires have to come off the ground,they switch it off, so the height sensors don't mess up. but it this causes the check suspension light to come on.

Which is bank 2 sensor for Lincoln navigator 2004?

On a Lincoln Navigator : Bank 2 is the drivers side of the engine * sensor 1 would be close to the engine BEFORE the exhaust enters the catalytic converter

How can i tell whats wrong with my suspension due to it not able to come up suspension on a 1998 navigator?

That would depend on what needs repair. If you expect and answer be more specific.

What would cause a horn like sound on 2000 Lincoln navigator?

on my 2000 town car it was the idle air control valve sounds like you have the same problem

Will an expedition engine fit into a Lincoln Navigator?

That would depend on the year of your Navigator and Expedition. See the related link.

Does a 2001 Lincoln Navigator has cabin air filter?

I would say NO ( I was looking at the 2001 Lincoln Navigator Owner Guide and it does not show anything about it having a cabin air filter )

What would cause a 2004 Lincoln Navigator to backfire?

It could be spark plugs or coil packs. Auto Zone will check your computer codes for FREE. This way you won't be guessing.

What is a suspension on a Lincoln navigator?

Not sure if you are asking what a suspension is or what kind of suspension the Navigator has... I believe that most Lincoln Navigators have what is called an Air Ride Suspension... There is an air compressor in the engine compartment that pumps up air shocks in the front and air bags in the rear of the Navigator. What this is doing is basically auto leveling the vehicle. I guess the best way to describe this is that if you go pick up an overly obese person and they get in your Navigator, the Navigator will compensate for your passengers weight and add more air to the shocks/bags on their side to keep the vehicle from sitting lop sided... When your passenger would get out, then air would be released from the shock/bag on their side to level the vehicle back out. Good answer describing the air suspension that is on these vehicles. I happen to have a 2003 Lincoln Navigator and through a long process I learned a lot about these suspension systems. With anything air you have leaks. Well one of my airbags started leaking. Easy fix right.... just replace the air bag. YEAH RIGHT!!! Not only did my air bag give out, this caused my compressor to run constantly. So there's another component in this air system that I had to replace. To make a long story short I ended up with a quote nearing $1500 for all parts from the dealer. NO WAY was I paying that much, so I started searching for more options and that's when I found Strutmasters. They are a company that made a passive non air system with coil springs to replace the air. The salesmen I dealt with took the time to explain my problem to me and helped me make a great discussion. I am now a happy Navigator owner instead of a worried one :)

Worlds most luxsurious car?

I would think that the most luxurious car is the Lincoln Navigator.

Where is sensor 1 bank 2 on lincoln navigator 99?

Bank 2 is the drivers side of the engine in a Lincoln Navigator Sensor 1 is in the exhaust before the exhaust enters the catalytic converter so it would be close to the engine / front of the transmission area

What is wrong with a Lincoln Navigator when the engine and battery and abs lights are on?

I would check your alternator*(check the spelling).

Why would a 2000 Lincoln Navigator odometer go off and on?

These are completely electronic. You may have a loose wire.

Should the air suspension in a 2004 Lincoln Navigator make noise when its rising and if so how loud should it be?

You should be able to hear the compressor Overtime the compressor will get noticeably louder. This doesn't necessarily mean that it's failing or should you be alarmed. If you are concerned I would suggest that you take it in and get it checked out.

Why does your navigator hesitate to accelerate?

A faulty fuel pump would cause your Navigator to hesitate when you accelerate. Bad gasoline could also be at fault.

How do you reset the gas gauge on a 1998 Lincoln Navigator?

I believe that there is a reset switch/button behind the panel on the front passenger side where you turn off the air suspension. Down where the front passengers feet would be. you will have to take off the plastic door step (has the Lincoln symbol on it) in order to take that panel off... You can pop the door step off with a flathead screw driver...

What is the most likely cause for air not releasing out of the rear air suspension system in a 1996 Lincoln town car?

The most likely cause would be that the solenoind in the compressor is not venting properly. A little bit of extra information is that Lincoln had a high failure rate with the F5AZ 5A919 A (control module) for that vehicle. But, most likely the compressor is not venting properly.

What would cause your navigator air suspension to only raise on the right side of the car and not the left side?

does both sides raise tho? if so and one side is higher than the other its because someone jacked your car up without turning off the air suspension switch, if this is so your going to have to take it to the dealer to get it calibrated from them. its pretty expensive from what i have herd.

How do you replace an ABS pump on a 2000 Lincoln Navigator?

That would be best left to a repair shop. You will need a pressure bleeder.