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usually a door ajar switch is out of adjustment. when you hit a bump or lean on the door the switch may trigger for a moment and the computer thinks you opened the door so it wants to lock it again. it is usually the driver door switch. It gets opened and closed more often than the others and looses its adjustment..

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What would cause the automatic door locks on a Dodge Caravan to continuously lock and unlock?

bad ground on chassis. do the lights seem dim when you apply the brakes?

Your Oldsmobile Bravada power locks are going nuts they lock and unlock by themselves all of the time even when the car is not running what would cause this to happen?

My mechanic found a wire under the driver's side seat that had rubbed bare and was touching the metal underneath and triggering the locks to activate randomly on their own.

What would cause your automatic door locks not to work on your 200 Ford F-150?

Check the master switch on the drivers side door, sometimes it locks up and will free if you fiddle around with it, if it doesn't it may need replacing, wouldn't be a bad idea to also check the fuses.

How much would it be to get automatic locks on a jeep wrangler?

If you only want automatic door locks and key-less entry, it will cost you roughly $100 if you get a brand-name product. It took over 8 hours of labor to get it installed on both doors because installing auto-door locks on older Wranglers requires quite a bit of custom modifications to both doors.

If the front automatic locks on your 1994 mercury grand marquis work properly why would the rear locks malfunction when i can hear the actuators in the rear doors working but the locks don't move?

The rear actuators may be working, but the locks themselves may be corroded and in need of opening the door up and spraying them generously with penetrant.

In a 1998 Ford Mustang what would cause the loss of radio speedometer and power locks?


What would cause the rear windows rear door locks and heated seats not to work?

blown fuse

Why would an automatic gear stick in 1st?

An automatic gear would stick in 1st if there is an obstruction. Gears can sometimes break off and cause motion to stop entirely.

How do you disable automatic door locks on 2006 dodge 2500?

This process can be complicated, but it is listed in your owner's manual.It would be easier if you had someone to read the instructions to you while you do it.

Why would a Automatic transmission will not go into first gear at stop light?

There are several things that can cause your automatic transmission not to go into first gear. The most common cause is low transmission fluid.

What would cause the turn signals the interior lights and the door locks to not work in a Mazda 3?

A blown fuse or a damaged computer would cause the turn signals, interior lights, and door locks not to work in the Mazda 3. The fuses are located under the dash on the driver's side of the car.

In a 1998 escort what would cause a automatic transmission not to shift into overdrive?

Linkage adjust

Which fuse controls the door locks on a 1993 Lincoln Town Car?

Door locks are protected by circuit breakers. A surge of power to a fuse would cause it to blow. They are located in the fuse panel.

If the fuses seem good why would the power windows and locks not work on a 1997 Mercury Villager?

Cause the window motor is out

Why would cause the Electric and remote door locks and remote trunk release not to work 2000 focus?

Check fuses

What would cause the power locks and the interior lights on a 90 cadillac brougham stop working?

Possibe blown fuse

What would cause the door locks on a 1998 GMC Jimmy to not lock and unlock?

If you are referring to the auto locks, there may be a blown fuse. Check the owner's manual for the specific location of the fuses for your model year.

You have a 98 Ford Explorer and it idles high sometimes what would cause this?

Manual or automatic transmission?

How do the locks work on a canal?

The locks would close around the ship or barge and water would lift. Then the lock would open for the ship to continue.

What would cause a dodge Dakota to stall under braking?

if it is automatic then this would be caused by shift down is not working in transmission

The car has automatic door locks that lock when the car is put in drive and unlock when the car is put in park. What would stop the doors from automatically unlocking when you put the car in park?

There are four ways to program most of these locks; refer to your owners manual for the proper sequence.

What would cause a 1998 SL2 Automatic not to drive in reverse when all other gears work fine and all fluids have been topped off?

My daughters 1997 Saturn SC2 coupe automatic transmission has no reverse? what would cause this?? and how can i fix it without replacing the transmission.

What can a clogged lube tube passage cause in an automatic transmission?

A clogged lubrication passage would cause a failure of whatever component is not getting the fluid.

The auto locks fuse on your 2000 cougar keeps blowing and the locks do not work What would cause this and how can it be fixed?

Did you install a new stereo? I had that problem with my 1995 xr-7 when I crossed some wires. It also caused my car to not shift out of park.

What would cause the rear defroster and the electric mirrors and cigarette lighter and door locks to stop working on a 1993 Pontiac grand am?

Bad fuse

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