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check the ground at rear of car sounds like broken or bad ground wire

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How do you change indicator light on Nissan Quest gearshift?

i do not yet doing that but i just know that the light for the gearshift is located at the dash board light

What are the colors of a carrot indicator?

It indicates that the vegetable has carotene in it.

How does a acid-alkali indicator indicates?

The pH of a solution.

What is external indicator?

an external indicator is a device that indicates something like temperature measurement which can be used outside / externally

What is indicator How does it indicates completion of neutralization?

An indicator refers to a substance that changes color to show how a given substance is either acidic or basic.

Why wont my brights come on in my 1993 eagle talon?

Have you checked your fuses? Does your high beam indicator illuminate on the dash when you push the switch?

What does an acid base indicator do to the substance?

Indicates whether the substance is an acid or alkali.

Why does lithmus paper turn colors?

It is a indicator. It indicates colors according to acidity.

What do the dashboard lights mean in 2004 ford escape?

The yellow fuel dispenser warning light indicates low fuel. The red battery indicator light indicates the charging system is malfunctioning. The red high water level indicator light indicates the cooling system is overheating.

Definition of indicator?

Indicator can be defined as a benchmark for the presence or absence of a condition. Example: pH indicator indicates the pH of the given sample. Environmental bioindicator indictes the environmental level of pollution

What is an indicator-?

The definition of the word indicator is "a thing, especially a trend or fact, that indicates the state or level of something."

What color do alkalis turn universal indicator?

When universal indicator is put in water soluion of alkalis (base) it indicates significant blue colour.

What is the advantages of bath full indicator?

when your bath tub becomes full, full bath indicator indicates u that ur bath tub is full......

What is the purpose of an acid base indicator?

it indicates wether a paticular substance is an acid or a base.

What is a power indicator?

A power indicator would be any device (such as a meter, LED, or piezo buzzer) that indicates that a device is powered up and/or how much power the device has.

What is btb an indicator for?

BTB is and indicator that indicates if a weak acid is present, such as CO2. The BTB is blue when none is present and it will turn yellow when a weak acid is present.

What indicates the amount of dissolved substance in the urine?

Specific gravity is the indicator for dissolved substances in the urine.

Which cockpit instrument indicates which way is up?

The instrument is call an attitude indicator or artificial horizon.

How can you release the gearshift on a 2002 Toyota Highlander automatic without the key in the ignition?

remove small cap in top right corner of gear indicator panel. depress small button and shift

What air pressure indicator of clear weather?

Rising pressure indicates clear weather (most of the time).

What pH does purple show?

A purple solution in universal indicator indicates an alkaline solution with a pH of 14

What does universal indicator test for?

A universal indicator changes color in response to the pH of a liquid. Do determine the pH of the liquid, you need to refer to a color chart that tells you which color indicates which pH.

Litmus is an example of an indicator because?

the actual answer is that litmus is an example of an indicator because... if for example you dip a blue litmus paper into lime juice (an acid) the litmus paper will turn red because it indicates that its an acid or......... if you dip a red litmus paper into a base it will turn blue because it indicates that it is a base..... so the answer is because it indicates if its an acid or basep.s. if the blue paper turned red---- indicates its a baseif the red paper turned blue ----- indicates its a acid or the other way around forgot... :/hopes this helped........ :)))))))))))

Why would your 19989 Buick Century gearshift indicator stay in park?

There is a little nylon string that connects the motion of the gear shift lever to a little spring loaded marker ( the little red line) that indicates park, neutral , drive , etc. the "string" is either off it's track or most likely broken and a genuine pain the you know what to fix......good luck...RONCO

What is the blinking vertical bar the indicates where text graphic and other items will be inserted?

cursor or insertion point indicator