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Remove Your Negative Battery Cable. Make Sure Everything Is Off In The Car. Also Remove The Hood Light Bulb {the light that comes on when you raise the hood }. Connect A 12 Volt Meter, Or A Test Light ( Most Parts Houses Have These Around $8.00 } Between The Battery Negative Terminal And The Cable End. If The Light Comes On You Have Someting Using Voltage. You May Have A Grounded Wire Ect. You Will Have To Locate The Source Of This Until The Light Goes Out. When It Does, You Should Be OK. Note If Meter Don`t Show Voltage. Have Your Battery Tested Again.

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Q: What would cause the battery to keep draining on a 1991 accord have had alternator battery test good?
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Why does 106 diesel n reg crank but not fire draining NEW battery?

There are a few things that could cause this problem. It could be the wiring to the alternator, the alternator solenoid, or the wiring.?æ

94 Lebaron needs a boost every morning the battery has been replaced the clamps are clean and tight it does not appear to have any lights left on What is the cause of the battery draining?

Have you had the alternator tested? Often a bad internal diode can drain the alternator overnight.

Would alternator connectors cause a battery light to be on?

yes if one of the wires was getting an earth from the alternator cover or rubbing off the engine the battery light is really an alternator light warning you that the alternator is not charging the battery

What could cause your 87 Honda Accord to not start?

No battery.

Can a bad Alternator cause the battery light to blink?


Why is my 1997 ford expedition's battery getting drained when i get a jump it work but then dies again?

Your battery does not supply electrical power to the vehicle it simply stores it. The alternator is what recharges (replenishes) the power used during cranking. You need to have your charging system checked to verify the alternator is working and at the same time you need to have the battery diagnosed as draining your battery completely repeatedly can cause premature failure.

Will a bad alternator keep a 1999 S10 pickup truck from starting?

The answer is no . The battery starts you vehicle , the alternator charges the battery so if your alternator is bad your battery is not receiving a charge which will cause a "no start" condition.

What can cause a battery light to come on when the battery and alternator both test good on a 1992 SC 400?

Battery light usually means alternator not charging. Most common solutions would be be a bad alternator, bad connection, or loose alternator belt. If the battery and alt test ok than check the connections to the alternator and battery.

What would cause a 1999 Honda Accord to not start?

The cause could be several factors. one is the battery charged. your startercould be bad or the alternator decharged your batter and your alternator is bad.When you turn your ket you should hear the ignition switch click that means it's fine. if your battery is charged and you turn you key and the lights dim you probably have a bad starter.

What would cause an alternator to go bad?

Installing an alternator on a dead or poor battery will cause them to fail prematurely. trickle charge your battery before installing a new alternator. check all connections for corrosion especially grounds.

Why is your car not starting and the battery keeps dying?

Possibly a bad alternator. The Alternator charges the battery when the vehicle is running. If the battery is not being charged this could cause the vehicle not to start.

What cause alternator not to produce power to start engine?

The alternator produces power to charge the battery. The battery powers the starter to turn the engine over.

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