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well ,it could be several things, i have heard of things like a varmit or animal eating away at the wires of a car or a shorted-circuit, blown fuse or fuse circuit.. but most often it as simple as a brake-switch gone is located most often just under the brake pedale in most vehicles. and usaually is less then $10 simple to replace. The BIG question, does your third brake light still work? If it does, check your turn signal switch. Primary brake lights are wired through the turn singal switch in order to cancel the break light when a turn singal is activated. I have never replace a turn singal switch on a Ford Focus so you should consult a repair manual on the proper procedure of replacing this switch, if it is deemed defective.

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Q: What would cause the brake lights to suddenly fail on a Ford Focus 200ZTS?
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How do you change the brake lights on a 2000 Ford Focus 1.4?

The screws that hold the rear lights in place on a focus are inside behind the rear pillar trim

Ford Focus abs and handbrake lights on intermittently?

Check your brake pads.

What is the fuse number for brake lights on a ford focus 2001?

Fuse number 54

Why my back and brake lights not working but front ones are?

its a 2001 ford focus 1.6 petrol

Ford Focus won't shift out of park?

Check brake lights--if they do not work shift interlock will not release

How do you change the tail and brake lights in a 2003 ford focus station wagon?

From inside the luggage compartment.

Daewoo brake lights?

Yes, it has brake lights.

What fuse for tail lights 2000 ford focus se wagon?

Running lights (left side): Fuse #47 -- Running lights (right side): Fuse #48 -- Brake lights: Fuse #54. Fuse panel is on the lower left side (underneath) the dashboard. NOTE: If it is your brake lights that are not working and fuse # 54 looks okay, check the brake light switch, it may have gone bad.

Chevy Tahoe brake lights?

Yes they indeed have brake lights...

Ford Focus fuse diagram?

A Ford Focus fuse diagram will show the placement of all fuses for the vehicle including the brake and headlights, the interior lights, and the dashboard lights. This diagram is generally located on the inside cover of the fuse box.

What if the brake lights are out but the middle one still lights up?

Then the brake lights are out but the middle one still lights up. (:

What is the problem if all running lights and tail lights work but the brake lights don't on a 2000 F-250?

check the fuse, brake lights have their own, & check the brake switch at the top of the brake pedal

Both the brake as well as headlights turn on when you turn on the lights on your 1997 Jetta GLS Brake lights stay on while driving What should you be doing?

are you sure it is the brake lights and not the tail lights. if it is the brake lights you most likely have a short some where. go to a auto eletrican It is the brake lights which turn on. Short in the switch or the wiring?

Why do your running lights work but not your brake lights on your 91 Chevy?

on the brake pedal under the dash is a brake light switch. that when you depress the brake it turns your lights on. you might wanna check that

Do the brake lights turn on with a hand brake?

No , the rear brake lights do not turn on when you use your parking brake , just the brake light on your dash is supposed to come on

Why do your brake lights come on when your headlights are on?

they are not brake lights they are fog lights and they turn on because it is for the car behind to see you

Your brake lights wont turn off on your ford focus And i replaced the switch by the brake pedal and it still wont work?

The brake light switch might not be connected properly. Remove the brake light switch for 10 seconds and replace it to its original position.

Where do you find the fuse for the cruise control on a 2000 Ford Focus?

Are you sure you need the fuse for the cruise control. My cruise control wasn't working, neither were my brake lights. All 7 bulbs were burnt out. When the brake lights were replaced the cruise control worked.

Why do brake lights stay on when you turn headlights on on your Astra?

the brake lights are on a separate cuircut,if your brake lights are staying then it will be a fault with the brake light switch. the switch is located under dash,and will be on or very close to brake pedal.

Brake lights don't work when the brake is pushed. Work with headlights on only.?

The brake lights and the tail lights are separate circuits. Check the brake light fuse, then check the brake light bulbs, then check the brake light switch.

What would cause you to have tail lights but no brake lights?

Check the switch on the brake pedal

Where do brake lights draw their energy from?

Brake lights draw their energy from the vehicle's battery.

You keep blowing the brake light fuse in your focus?

Are both your brake lights blowing out? If it affects only one light: it could be a bad light socket, or a pinched or frayed wire that is shorting out.

How do you change the rear brake lights on a ford focus?

Info should be in your owner's manual. If you don't have one you will have to be more specific. What year? What model?

How often are vehicle brake lights on?

Brake lights are on continuously while you are driving. Every time the brake pedal is depressed.