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What would cause the brake lights to suddenly fail on a Ford Focus 200ZTS?


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2006-04-02 19:55:15
2006-04-02 19:55:15

well ,it could be several things, i have heard of things like a varmit or animal eating away at the wires of a car or a shorted-circuit, blown fuse or fuse circuit.. but most often it as simple as a brake-switch gone is located most often just under the brake pedale in most vehicles. and usaually is less then $10 simple to replace. The BIG question, does your third brake light still work? If it does, check your turn signal switch. Primary brake lights are wired through the turn singal switch in order to cancel the break light when a turn singal is activated. I have never replace a turn singal switch on a Ford Focus so you should consult a repair manual on the proper procedure of replacing this switch, if it is deemed defective.


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The screws that hold the rear lights in place on a focus are inside behind the rear pillar trim

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Check brake lights--if they do not work shift interlock will not release

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