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A bad ground wire or wrong size wire could be your problem

Did you ever try replacing the plug wires with a good set. Cheep wires will make the coil get to hot. Will also burn up your distributer cap and rotor. Any time you use high performance parts all related parts should be high performance also. This is a fact cheep parts will prematurly ware out other parts.

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Q: What would cause the coil to fail repeatedly?
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Will an ignition coil fail at a higher rpm under load but not at idle?

Yes it would

WHAT WOULD CAUSE Number one and six cylinder miss firing CHANGED ALL PLUGS AND COIL PACKS?

Depending on the manufacturer, many coil packs mount on a large transistor plate that actually fires the coil pack. It's not uncommon for those transistor plate to fail.

What if your ballast resistor is bypassed on your 1973 350 Chevy engine Why?

Eliminating the ballast resistor will cause excess current through the coil, and will cause excess current through the points.When that happens, the points and/or coil will fail prematurely.

Can a cam shaft positioning sensor cause an ignition coil to fail?

yes this does this to stop u from doing damage to the engine

Will bad ignition coil cause oxygen sensor to fail?

Yes, a bad ignition coil / misfire will cause an unburned mixture of gas/air to go into cat converter which will than combust in it and cause damage to either catalitic converter, oxygen sensor(s) or both. J.Dropic

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What would cause the ignition coils to repeatedly fail in a 1996 Pontiac Gr Am 2.4?

Replacement coils must always be the same basic type as the original and have the same primary resistance as the original. Using the wrong coil may damage other ignition components or cause the new coil to fail. Your engine is experiencing repeated coil failures, and it may be that the coil may be working too hard. The underlying cause is usually high secondary resistance (bad spark plug wire or spark plugs), or in some cases, a lean fuel condition (dirty injectors, vacuum leak or leaky EGR valve). Future coil problems can often be avoided by cleaning the connectors and terminals when the new coil is installed. Corrosion can cause intermittent operation and loss of continuity, which may contribute to component failure. Applying dielectric grease to these connections can help prevent corrosion and assure a good connection. The spark plug wires also should be replaced following a coil failure to assure a good hot spark. New plugs also should be installed if the original plugs are fouled or are at or near their service limit (45,000 miles for conventional plugs, 100,000 miles for long-life plugs). Hope this helps you.

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