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AnswerThe problem is most likely a blown fan relay, not expensive at all. It can also be the thermostat sensor, this is use to activate the relay, neither part is expensive and if you have simple knowledge you can change it yourself in less than 30 minutes .
2013-03-19 03:07:01
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2000 grand caravan engine cooling fans run long after car is off and runs battery the down?

I would check the Cooling Fan Switch/Relay. Sounds like it is a bad switch and stays 'on' well after it is needed, if it is running the battery down.

Does a car have to be moving to charge the battery?

No , for the battery to be charged the engine must be running . This means that your alternator , if it's functioning properly , is charging the car's battery as the engine is on/running .

Your cooling fans run all the time when the engine is running.?

engine cooling fan should not do this - bad temp sensor likely

Will your alternator recharge your battery if you let it sit for a while?

If the engine is running and the alternator is good. If the engine is not running, no.

Why is your 1988 Chevrolet truck with a 305 engine running of the battery only and not the alternator?

If it is running on the battery only then that means the alternator is not charging the battery.

Does an alternator charge a battery while the car is not running?

No , just when the engine is running

Will disconnecting a battery cable cause a 2009 Chevrolet Cobalt's engine to stop running?

Yes, and disconnecting the battery while the engine is running can severely damage the computers

How do you charge a vehicle battery?

By running the engine on the vehicle or by connecting the battery to a 12 volt battery charger.

How do you tell if Alternator is bad?

Get engine running. While the engine is running disconect the POSITIVE termninal from the battery. If the engine dies, the Alterntor is bad.

When you turn your ac on the engine runs hot even with the cooling fan running?

Yes, because your engine is on.

Can a loose positive battery cable prevent the alternator from charging the batter and can it cause a battery drain while the engine is not running?

Yes, a loose battery cable will prevent the alternator from charging the battery. The drain on the battery is not caused by the engine not running unless an accessory is left on. Most likely, the drain is caused by accessories (radio, lights, etc) while the engine is running due to the battery not receiving its charge from the alternator and then not having enough charge left to start the engine.

2005 escape engine dies with battery light on?

Bad alternator- not charging battery enough to keep vehicle running check with a volt meter A fully charged battery should read approx. 12.8 volts without engine running With engine running should read approx. 13.8-14.2 volts

How do you get the alternator to turn over?

The alternator is run by a belt connected to the engine. When the engine is running the alternator is turning. The alternator is what produces the electrical current that charges the battery & powers everything electrical while the engine is running. the battery is mainly to start the engine.

Why does a battery light stays on in a 1994 thunderbird?

If your engine is running , and the battery light comes on , that indicates that your battery is not being charged

What is the importance of alternator?

An alternator is the part of an automobile that generates the power to run the radio, headlights, speakers, and air conditioning as well as any other electronic component in the car while the engine is running. This is different from when the engine is not running. When the engine is not running, the 12 Volt car battery operates these electronics. Unfortunately, every battery will die eventually, so the alternator also recharges the battery while the engine is running. This is a slow process, though. But unless the battery is charged, the engine usually can't ever be started.

Why does the Jeep Cherokee engine contine to make a whirring noise after it is shut off?

Sounds like the cooling fan doing its work. To protect the engine and cooling system, many fans stay on for a short time after engine switch off.

Will a car battery recharge if the car is on but not moving?

yes the engine runs the charger/alternator as long as the engine is running the battery should be chargeing

Does the engine need to be running when you disconnect the positive battery cable to shut off the check engine light?

No. To erase codes form an OBD-1 vehicle (made before 1996), the engine does not need to be running.On a side note, NEVER disconnect the battery while the engine is running; it will damage the computer.

If the car battery dies because the door was left ajar will just boosting the battery and running the car be enough or do you need a new battery?

It should come back after running the engine if the battery is good.

Signs of clogged radiator?

Engine overheating or cooling fan running all the time.

How do you reset check engine lite on 1993 Jeep Cherokee?

With a scan too or with a battery disconnect.

When car not running battery say 13.14?

You should read 12.6 volts with a digital volt meter on a fully charged battery with the engine not running.

1997 jeep grand Cherokee alternator test What is the best way to test the alternator and the voltage regulater?

use a voltmeter A fully charged 12v battery should read approx. 12.8 volts without engine running Should read approx. 13.8-14.2 volts with engine running

How do you know if you need a battery?

Age of battery Battery will not hold a charge (check with a volt meter) A fully charged battery should read approx. 12.8 volts (without engine running) If charging system is working properly reading should increase to approx. 13.8-14.2 with engine running. If voltage does not increase with engine running could be a problem with charging system of battery is defective and will not take or hold a charge

Why does your car turn off when you unplug your battery?

It shouldn't. When the engine is running, electricity is supplied by the alternator, not the battery. If the engine dies when the battery is disconnected, the battery and/or some related part (such as the voltage regulator) is bad.