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Look under the steering rack, above the brake or clutch pedal the car. What you are looking for are the plastic junction connectors of the wiring harness. The connectors should be white plastic. Look for burn or black connectors. The headlamp wire on my 1997 Metro Lsi had burnt off for some reason, causing a condition as you discribed. Good luck! I also had the same symptom. Whenever I clutched my foot would brush the headlight harness and my lowbeams would flicker or go out, highbeams were ok. I found a White/Black Stripe wire that had burned and popped out off its connector. I squeezed it gently closed with pliers so it would have a tight connection and re-inserted it into the plug. This worked fine and the wire doesn't get hot any longer. I also tied the harness up to the steering column so my foot wouldn't hit it any more.


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