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I've seen this happen in Honda's. Does it remain running for long periods of time or never shut off? If it is only running for a short time, it's cooling off your engine still because it's still really hot. There's nothing wrong with this.

2006-08-25 20:00:39
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Q: What would cause the engine cooling fan in a 1998 Saturn SL2 to remain running after the engine is turned off?
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Does water remain in engine block when cars not running?

There is coolant in the engine block when the engine is not running. The engine block, heater, hoses and radiator remain full when engine is not running.

1998 GMC Suburban Fuel Pump does not stop running after engine is on Is this a problem?

no as long as the engine is running the pump needss to remain on

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What is the name of the sensor that screws into the thermostat housing for a 1991 Honda accord ex?

The sensor on the thermostat housing is a cooling fan switch. Cooling fan switch closes the circuit to engage the cooling fan(s) when the optimum temperature is reached. When not replaced, cooling system fans will either remain continually "on" or not function causing the engine to overheat, internal engine damage and/or temperature light illumination.

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Is the 97 maxima radiator hose has to b very hard even the engine is not over heat?

usually after the car has had a chance to cool down, the hose should be "spongey" when it is grasped, but after attaining operating temperature, the hose should become firm as the cooling system presurizes up. it will remain so, again, until the engine/cooling system cools down. Dont ever open the radiator cap when the engine has been run to operating temperature or not had a chance to cool down adequately, the pressurized system is very hot and you risk serious injury!!!

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Why do the heater blower stays on when you turn the engine off?

What you are likely hearing is the electric fan that cools the radiator and Air Conditioning condenser. This is likely remaining on to remove excess heat from the engine coolant to prevent a boil over after shutting down. When the engine is shut down heat continues to be transferred into the coolant for a period of time. You should also notice that when the Air Conditioner is turned on in the car that the radiator cooling fan will remain on continuously. This is necessary to cool the heat exchanger(condenser coils) that remove heat from the freon in Air Conditioning system. When the Air Conditioning is not on the cooling fan will activate only when necessary, which is when the engine coolant rises above a temperature that is too hot to cool the engine.