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What would cause the engine to surge 300 RPM while in cruise between 45 MPH and 60 MPH in a 1998 Dodge Ram 5.2?

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2006-08-28 20:28:17

I had this problem with my truck aswell, it turned out to be an

exhaust leak right in front of my O2 sensor (aftermarket exhaust)

the sensor was getting false readings from the air rushing in

through the leak. Ultimately causing oddball air/fuel mixtures. I

am in the process of having my exhaust changed on my 1994 Ram 1500

with the 5.2 and I was told that the O2 sensor was in the cadalitic

converter and that it would not run right without the converter.

You can go to JEGS.com and get a dumby sensor that just plugs in

and tells your computer that it is working fine. Hope this may

help!!! TEX

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