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I would replace the headlight switch as Ford has had their share of these problems.

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Q: What would cause the headlights radio and dome lights to quit when headlights are turned on in a 1996 crown vic?
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Why does headlights and instrument lights cut out and on in 2000 crown vic?

i have a 99 and it does it too...

Why do your headlights on your 92 crown Victoria flash while driving?

Headlights have a thermal circuit breaker. A short to the headlight (positive to ground) will cause the breaker to trip. The breaker cools and the lights come back on till the breaker heats up. Find the short and fix it.

How do you use the bright lights in a Crown Victoria?

You don't say what year of Ford Crown Victoria , but if you move the turn signal lever forward it will turn on the high beam headlights

After installing headlights on a 2000 crown vic the lights blink on and off while drivig at night?

sounds like a bad day and night sensor or bad wiring

Why will headlights work when on bright but not on dim on a 1990 Ford Crown Victoria?

You've got a bad headlight switch and need to replace it, that's the switch you pull in the dash to turn the lights on. That's why the headlights only work on bright but not dim.

Crown Victoria blower not working head lights?

crown Victoria blower not working and head lights.

How do you use the bright lights in a 1987 Crown Victoria?

If you mean how do you activate the high-beam headlights, pull the turn signal lever back towards you until you hear a click.

How do you adjust headlights on a 1997 Crown Victoria?

To adjust headlights on a 1997 Crown Victoria, you would first need to remove the glass coverings. Next, check to see if the lights appear off or on a tilt or slant. If they do, simply place them accordingly or as desired. You will hear slight snaps, which are an indication that the lights are properly balanced and connected the circuitry board and base. Once competed, reinsert the glass coverings and you are set to drive.

Why do the headlights go out while driving a 2003 Crown Victoria?

Had the same problem. Exchange the LCM (Lighting Control Module), which is located under the steering column, togehter with the Mulitifunction Switch (turning lights, wiper control lever). This will stop the headlight problem, but I have some other difficulties with my lights - have a look at:,-headlights-shut-off-while-in-opera-vt90501.html

You have a 1994 crown Victoria and the headlights continue to blink off and on whether it's on automatic or manual When the headlight pulley is set on automatic and the flashing begins all the lights?

Possible headlight switch.

Why is there no power to the headlights no power to the headlights on a 1994 Crown Victoria?

Bad switch? Headlight Relay Fuse/Breaker needs replacement

Why do headlights go on and off on a 1999 crown Victoria p71?

the 4way mutil.switch. Headlights. turn sig. wiper washer. I was not the lcm.

What would cause your interior lights on your 92 crown vic to constantly blink when the car is off?

You will have to check all the door sensors.

How was the Albany plan of union received by the crown?

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Where are the connections for crown vic brake lights?

it connected to a break lights switch, attached to a break pedal

Were is the fuse for back brake lights for 2005 Ford Crown Victoria?

what number fuse for the break lights

2003 Ford Crown Vic P71 Driving home last night the headlights went off All other lights were on but no headlightsLow or high beams Flash to pass did work Heard a click in the dash?

See: fo info.. The earlier models used a circuit breaker in the fuse block that can go bad and cause the lights to flash or it can be the "lighting control module" that is at fault..

Where are the headlights relays on a 2001 ford crown vic?

The headlight relay is in the Light Control Module (LCM).

Are all four lights on when brights are on 1992 crown Victoria?


Why are your 92 crown Victoria headlights going on and off?

It usually means that there is either a short in the circuit or the breaker is faulty.

1994 ford crown Victoria headlights keep blinking while driving?

most likely bad switch

How do you adjust the headlights on 2002 Ford Crown Victoria?

Remove that wide black plastic piece above the headlights. Then using a 4 mm socket you have to turn the screws with black plastic around them.

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Manual vs automatic headlight switch 89 crown Victoria?

The manual switch good for being able to park with the lights off and the engine running. The automatic function can help to keep you from forgetting to turn on the headlights in an area where street lighting is good.

How do you operate the beams on a 1998 Crown Victoria?

On a 1998 Ford Crown Victoria : If you mean that you want to turn on the high beam headlights ( push the turn signal lever forward , away from you )